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March 2, 2017

Personality and its relation to Vata, Pitta and Kapa

Vat (V) types 
V type are sensitive, high-strung (high-strung personalities may be praised for their ambitious or goal-centered nature, or else criticised for their lack of patience and elevated stress levels.) 

V type will react quickly to changes in their environments.

They are exceptionally changeable, and resist regularity in their lives because their active minds demand continual stimulation.

When their energy is high they can be the life of the party, but burn out quickly.

Sometimes they crave companionship and other times demand solitude.

They usually make friends easily, but their friendships are often short-lived.

They love to travel for fun.

Their hyper adaptability gives them flexibility and a potential for detachment.

They find it difficult to concentrate on any one subject, and often fail to complete the projects they start.

They recognise the need for self development but are rarely consistent with any one program. 

Their faith often arises from insecurity.

Pitta (P) Type
They are strong and forceful in their dealings.

They are dedicated to the practical side of life.

When permitted, they are domineering.

They are inherently courageous and believe in fair play, and in a good mood excuse exuberance, but when angry they can be cruel and hurtful.

They make friend easily, especially if they perceive that such friends will be useful to them. 

They are acutely intelligent and tend to be impatient with any whose intelligence is not equally acute. Their innate arrogance of cleverness can make them intolerant.

They are dedicated to their own self-development, which sometimes becomes a sort of ego-expansion. 

They tend to stick their fantastic ideas if they calculate that such a course would benefit them.

Kapha (K) Types

They are predominantly calm, quite, steady, serious sorts who most enjoy the pleasure of home and family. 

Patience, fortitude and humility are common K virtues.

In excess these traits may engender passivity, attachment, possessiveness and greed. 

They are usually stable personality.

They study each subject cautiously before committing themselves.

They often make friendly slowly, after deliberation, but a friendship established usually lasts. 

Innate self satisfaction makes K types less motivated for self-development than others may be. 

They do not make good fanatics, but their faith in whatever they believe is steady and unshakable, though it is often motivated by a desire to maintain the status quo. 

K types do tend to be innately more compassionate than others. 

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