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February 9, 2017

Treating Navel Center With Oil

Human body the  navel  (clinically known as the  umbilicus , colloquially known as the  belly button , or  tummy button ) is a hollowed or sometimes raised area on the  abdomen  at the attachment site of the  umbilical cord . Everyday night applying oil within and surrounding area of the navel center can cure lot of ailments. You can feel miraculous benefits. Recent days no one has time to take oil bath. Oil bath is must to maintain body temperature and healthy triple warmer. Here is the simple alternative solution for everyone us.

Everyday during the bed time, applying oil within and surrounding area of the navel center can heal lot of ailments. With this oil treatment, you can feel miraculous benefits. Daily practice can give a cure for eye sight problem, eye dryness, knee pain, stomach pain, hair fall, tiredness, shivering, skin dryness, digestion problem, diseases related to liver and gall bladder, nervous problem, menstrual irregularity and uterus related problems. 

You can use "Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Pure Ghee, Sesame Oil and Mustard Oil".

Each one will give different benefits.

1. Stomach related problems like knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, digestion and menstrual disorder you can apply "Castor Oil". 

2. For hair growth you can apply "Coconut Oil".

3. For healthy skin and skin glow you can apply "Cow Ghee"

4. To heal tiredness,  shivering and nervous disorder you can apply "Mustard Oil".

5. For overall wellness you can apply "Sesame Oil"

This treatment balances PH value of the body also. PH value is most important factor for the healthy body and mind. Both male and female can practice the following method life long for healthy living.

Note: You can treat babies more than one year old with this oil treatment. 

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Try this simplest method and give your valuable feedback.


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  2. Useful information on healthy life. Thanks a lot for this info.
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  3. what oil to apply for liver problem due to dilated bile duct?
    can i mix 2 types oil and apply on the navel? like castor oil and mustard oil?
    thanks !


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