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New Tamilnadu - Colorful and Powerful

Tamilian should start working for organic agriculture, creating water resources, self sufficiency, avoiding drinks and cigarettes. No import no export like "North Korea". We have to renovate completely the mother land of Tamilnadu with purity and healthy.

Let us be aware of local and international politics. whatever government does is not for the welfare of people. Only for the benefit of politicians. Avoid iodized salt, Pepsi, coca-cola, cigarettes, drinks and beverages, polio drops, all sorts of vaccination, KFC food, Pizza, burger etc., Its all mere poisonous to health. I feel very happy and proud of all Tamil youngsters integration, unity and becoming more aware of all the unwanted politics. Most of the items introduced from outsiders creates impotency among both men and women. lets start eating home made and self made foods. Every youngster try learning to cook. That is the only solution to safeguard our future generations.

If everyone avoids these items the first and foremost benefit is you can safeguard your health. These all products are cancerous agents. Creates lot of side effects. The next benefit is we can save water for agriculture. Third benefit is we can develop local economy.

Is really government solves the problem of every individuals needs? like safety, food, shelter, employment, health care, citizen care etc. Then why the hell they have to create trouble for jallikattu alone. If they really care for people. If they care for citizens then we to have to give respect for their court order. Government is least bothered about individual and family and societal welfare. But most bothered about jallikattu. Will it make sense for them. "Definitely Not”. Because they all live for money. For the sake of money and political power they could do any nonsense.

Let us stop watching serials if possible lets remove TV from our house. Avoid spending too much of money to watch movies and entertainments. None of the serials and movies creates good thoughts. All are meant to attach and exploit our feelings. It stops our growth, intelligence and knowledge. Please increase the habit of reading books. Reading book is the only way to develop good habits, increase our creativity and innovative.

Youngsters those who have knowledge, ethic, moral and human values should rule the state and central. 

Whatever may be your religion. Do regular prayer. Prayer is the only way to cleanse our body, mind and soul. All media starts stealing our time. So that we  don't have time to pray. Do yoga and meditation. Prayer increases our immune system. Prayer is for our self cleansing not to increase the capacity of "GOD". More prayer makes us near "GOD". Less prayer makes us to be "DOG".

வீட்டுக்கு ஒரு மரம் வளர்ப்போம்
வீதிக்கு ஒரு மாடு வளர்ப்போம்
விவசாயத்திற்கு நம் அறிவை, உழைப்பை கொடுப்போம்
தமிழ்நாட்டின் விதியை மாற்றுவோம்


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