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New Tamilnadu - Colorful and Powerful

Tamilian should start working for organic agriculture, creating water resources, self sufficiency, avoiding drinks and cigarettes. No import no export like "North Korea". We have to renovate completely the mother land of Tamilnadu with purity and healthy.
Let us be aware of local and international politics. whatever government does is not for the welfare of people. Only for the benefit of politicians. Avoid iodized salt, Pepsi, coca-cola, cigarettes, drinks and beverages, polio drops, all sorts of vaccination, KFC food, Pizza, burger etc., Its all mere poisonous to health. I feel very happy and proud of all Tamil youngsters integration, unity and becoming more aware of all the unwanted politics. Most of the items introduced from outsiders creates impotency among both men and women. lets start eating home made and self made foods. Every youngster try learning to cook. That is the only solution to safeguard our future generations.

If everyone avoids these items the first and for…

Home Remedy for Foot Crack

During the winter season foot crack would be the common problem for most of us. Here is the simple and effect method to cure for foot crack or winter crack.

1. Take castor oil
2. Mix it with sunnam/white colour sunnam / pilli/ white wash sunnambu
3. Add little turmeric powder

4. Make a paste of these three items

5. Apply all the affected area in the night time

6. Repeat this for 4 to 5 days for complete cure

Avoid Acidity Using Palm Jaggery

After each meal if you consume piece of palm jaggery or herbal tea made up of palm jaggery will be preventive step as well as cure for acidity problems. Best remedial for acidity and digestion problems. It balances Vata, Pitta, Kapha also. Also it has lot of nutrient values. Its one of the Indian traditional food.