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Life Skill Development by Healer Baskar

Healer Baskar has mainly spoken about these topics
1) Physical Health - You are your personal doctor and after understanding some basics, you can be healthy without taking a single allopathic medicine for life.
2) Mental Health - You can easily achieve peace of mind by understanding basics of your mental health.
3) World Economy - This looks like a conspiracy theory but you will realize the truths of these by having an open mind.
4) Spiritual Health - A sample would be topics on Mukti (Salvation) through Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Kriya yoga, Gnana yoga. He also talks about Vaasi yogam, meditation techiniques etc. 
Unique Selling Point:
1) He is a humble, intellectual person and all his videos are available free of cost in youtube. 
2) He explains in simple english that every common man can understand all these complex topics
3) He has zero interest in branding his name or fame. So you have a great level of trust in what he says!
4) All his thoughts are available to public in Welcome to Anatomic Therapy Foundation

True Guru covering every aspect of life, yet he is not after riches or fame. Truly enlightened/Philanthropic person going in plain clothes. A single source for all the wisdom of the ages. It is like finding answers for every thing needed for a complete life. He is a Godsend for many people, making available freely , knowledge painfully collected from his Gurus.
He also covers 1)Enlightenment 2)Eight stages of Yoga 3)subconscious/super-conscious mind 4)Secret 5)Vipassana/Vaasi/Naluma/Agavoli
The videos are most helpful as you can play them many times till grasping.

Positive thinker.. Motivational speaker..
His speech will make us to think about small things on ourselves.
Main things his speech will have like..
1. Food is the medicine for all the disease, no need for any tablets..
2. Mind is the solution for all your mental problems..
His speech will give relaxation and an igniting thought..

All his thoughts are available to public in Welcome to Anatomic Therapy Foundation


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