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Puvidham Learning Center – documentary

Puvitham learning centre is run by rural development trust at Dharmapuri. Here they have created the environment for life skill development, nature learning, multi linguistic ability, agriculture etc., Here the education is focused on self sufficiency towards survival. This is the kind of education at present we need for our young generation. For more details please visit at:

Simple formula for healthy life

To get a healing for all the diseases and to prevent from all the disease there is very very simple formula!!!!

"Our food choices affect our health, happiness, social gradation, national welfare and the future of the life on earth"
We have to eat the food which was consumed by our ancestor (Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grand Mother and still more we have to look back). Because we are inherited from our ancestor. Our are just the extension or projection of their chromosomes. Our body cells will live healthy and becomes energetic only when we eat what our previous generation eat to build their body and livelihood. This is the only way to best survival. If we try violating this our genetic pattern will get altered body prone to have disorders and diseases.

For the best survival knowing our family history is more important. Thats why in Hinduism we celebrate death anniversary. On that day we pray with all the food items which they mostly like and we peak about their lifestyle by…

Seven Common Practices Which Can Recreate Disease

1. Excessive and forceful talking
2. Travelling, especially long distance
3. Excessive walking
4. Continual sitting or lying in one position
5. Overeating leading to indigestion 
6. Inappropriate diet with improper food combination
7. Sleeping during the day (except in summer)

Healthy Habit
Early to bed (between 8.00p.m to 9.0 p.m) early wakeup (between 5.00 a.m to 6.00 a,m)


Triphala gradually and gently purifies and rejuvenates your digestive track. It improves your ability to nourish your immune system. Triphala, which literally means "three fruits", is composed of three herbs: amalaki, haritaki and bibhitaki. It balances three Dosas ( Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

Simple Medicine for Effective Cure

The following medicinal tips helps us to get rid of all the disorders and diseases:

Major Ingredients

1. Cumin Seeds
2. Long Pepper
3. Pepper
4. Dry Ginger Powder
5. Elaichi/Cardomom

 Ratio and Procedure to Prepare the Medicine

1. Same amount or quantity of long pepper, pepper, dry ginger and elaichi mix it with double the amount of roasted cumin seeds.

2. Make a fine powder

3. Eat this powder with honey for one week

4. The same powder eat with cow ghee

5. The same powder eat with palm jagger

Art of Self Employment

Yesterday I have watched the following video. Really its worth watching. This video helps us to develop our business as well as educate our own dear and near to improve their health and life status.

This video covers the self employment opportunities for the following:

1. Unpolished Rice
2. Art of preparing coconut oil, sesame oil and ground nut oil
3. Herbal tea
4. Palm Jaggery, Jaggery
5. Home Garden
6. Mud and Copper Vessels
7. Manufacturing a Chair for easy and healthy life

Here is the YouTube Link. .. Worth Watching...

Art of Self Employment!

Vata, Pitta and Khapa and its nature

Both Pitta and Kapha are oily, and Vata is dry, so dryness is characteristic of Vata. Dryness appears in the body or mind only when there is increase of Vata.

Dryness is a side effect of motion, which is Vata's physiological function. The unevenness of excessive dryness introduces irregularity into the body and mind.

Both Vata and Kapha are cold, and pitta is hot, so heat is characteristic of Pitta. heat appears in the body or mind only when there is disturbance of Pitta.

Heat is a side-effect of transformation, which is Pitta's physiological function. The intensity of excessive heat introduces irritability into the body and mind.

Both Vata and Pitta are light, and Kapha is heavy, so heaviness is characteristic of Kapha. Heaviness appears in the body or mind only when there is disturbance of kappa.

Heaviness is a side-effect of stability, which is Kapha's physiological function. The viscosity of excessive heaviness introduces slowness into the body and mind.

Life Skill Development by Healer Baskar

Healer Baskar has mainly spoken about these topics 1) Physical Health - You are your personal doctor and after understanding some basics, you can be healthy without taking a single allopathic medicine for life. 2) Mental Health - You can easily achieve peace of mind by understanding basics of your mental health. 3) World Economy - This looks like a conspiracy theory but you will realize the truths of these by having an open mind. 4) Spiritual Health - A sample would be topics on Mukti (Salvation) through Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Kriya yoga, Gnana yoga. He also talks about Vaasi yogam, meditation techiniques etc.  Unique Selling Point: 1) He is a humble, intellectual person and all his videos are available free of cost in youtube.  2) He explains in simple english that every common man can understand all these complex topics 3) He has zero interest in branding his name or fame. So you have a great level of trust in what he says! 4) All his thoughts are available to public in Welcome t…

Skin Care tips for the Winter Season

Do feel dryness...
   in your skin...
      during the winter season...

Here is the natural remedy....
Apply sesame oil ...
Sesame oil gives the softness...
   and it avoid skin dryness....
 it adds extra glow...

There is another way to add extra glow into your skin during the winter season...
Apply Butter on your skin...
More natural way of avoiding skin problems during the winter season.