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Six Taste - Effects of Overuse

You can maintain balance among the six tastes as long as you do not persist in overusing one or more them. The effects of overuse of specific tastes include:

Sweet: Obesity, Diabets, Dropsy, Parasites, Obstructed Circulation, Eye inflammation, indigestion, vomiting, gas, lethargy, respiratory congestion  and other papa type of disturbances.

Sour: Burning sensations, itches, giddiness, premature raging and looseness of body tissues, suppuration.

Salty: Inflammation, edema, easy bleeding, skin diseases including herpes and hives, joint disease, impotence, early wrinkling of the skin, early baldness.

Pungent: Pain, dizziness, loss of consciousness, dryness of the mouth, tremors, debility, emaciation, burning sensations, fever increased thirst, drying of sexual, secretions.

Bitter: all Vata diseases including numbness, emaciation, cutting or breaking or colicky pain, giddiness, headache, stiffness, tremors, decreased sexual secretions.

Astringent: all types of data disturbance including tremor…

Tarpana - Gratifying Your Ancestors

Tarpana is the process of gratifying your ancestor. There is a law of nature known as the Bija Vrksha Nyaya, the  "Law of Seed and Tree". Your seeds are your genes and chromosomes, the essence of your genes and chromosomes, the essence of your parents germ plasm. You are the tree, the product of those seeds. Half your genes come from one parent and half from the other. No matter how far you try to distance yourself from your parents, in space, time or interaction, your genes and their genes are identical, and they resonate with your emotions, no matter how far distant you may be from them, thanks to this fundamental identity. This explains why a certain telepathic  communication can sometimes exist between parent and child. 
Because your parents' genes originated in your grandparents your emotions will be influenced by their emotions, and by the emotions of your great-grand-parents, and so on, back at least seven generations. Even though most of your ancestors are already…