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August 6, 2016

Preventive Steps to Avoid Vomiting During Travel

During travel few of us used to feel vomiting sensation. To avoid this during travel time consume half stomach food. Take fresh lemon and inhale the smell of lemon. Consume citrus based fruits like orange, mosambi etc.

During travel time/picnic time in order to avoid digestion problems practice the following suggestions:

1. Take fresh ginger and peel it off
2. Use the same peeler and make it into thin pieces
3. Take two spoon of gingelly/sesame oil in a pan
4. Heat up the oil
5. Deep fry the ginger pieces in the oil
6. Make it to be cool
7. Take it in a small container

Anything if we eat outside sooner or later eat two or three fried ginger pieces to avoid digestive problems and food poisonous. 

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