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May 24, 2016

True Facts About Coconut Oil

There are lot many controversies exist about use of coconut oil in daily cooking. But here is the scientific article speaks about 

How the myth have come into public mind? 
What is the cause? etc.

Article Written by   Dr. B. M. Hegde, India, "Coconut Oil-Ideal Fat Next Only To Mother's Milk"

A chemical called "monolaurins" found that both in coconut oil and mother's milk. Other than mother’s milk monolaurins are found only in cocoanut oil. The best fat that mother’s milk has monolaurins.

Now anyone can understand the usefulness of coconut oil. 

The substance "Manolaurins" is the best medicine for aniti bacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents. Most viruses, including the retrovirus HIV, are sensitive to cocoanut oil.  Coconut oil is said to penetrate hair roots to keep hair healthy and clean. They have even found some very interesting therapeutic values in cocoanut oil. 

A recent report shows how it could be used to treat aluminum oxide poisoning (agricultural pesticide content) for which there had never been any specific antidote so far.

Coconut oil has been now classified as a functional food. Functional food was defined as "food that provides health benefits over and above the basic nutrients."

In general all fried foods  are not good for health, but if fried in coconut oil, fried foods are not that bad, after all.

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