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May 20, 2016

Simple Home Remedy for Foot Crack

Effective Home remedy for Foot Crack

Foot Crack
Onion is the medicine

1. Take big onion slice it as shown in the above figure.
2. Keep it beneath the foot.
3. Tie with waste cloth or wear shocks. [Better to wrap the chopped onion with polythene or plastic covers and tie with threads].
4. Leave it for a night. (One day is enough)

This method gives lot of health benefits:
1. Morning wash the foot in hot water and apply glycerin. Leave it until it get dry
 Apply glycerin in the night also. (Apply 4 time glycerin two days (4 times)

Fast and Quick results in three days.

The cost involved in the treatment.

One Onion = Rs. 5
50 ml Glycerin Rs.48

Total cost come around Rs.50 - Rs.60

You will find miraculous and fast results.

Especially girls who are ready to go for a function can try this. You will get quick results and fast cure. This method cures very dark and black coloured foot crack also.

Try this and share your experience.

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