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May 12, 2016

Post Delivery Care for Women

Normally after delivering the baby most of the women faces the problem with excessive belly/tummy.
Here is the simple and effective solution for uterine/uterus contraction.

It's absolutely side effect free and home - medicine.
Anyone can prepare this medicine easily.

1. Take jasmine flower 20-30 in number.
2. Add 250ml water.
3. Boil it until the water level reduces to half of the level.
4. At last add palm jaggery/palm candy.
5. Drink in empty stomach for 45 days to 90 days depending upon your contraction capacity.

This medicine is easy to prepare and cheap also.

all the flower which we wear on daily basis is good for health if we prepare the tea in the same method. Each one will give different benefits.

1. Jasmine
2. Lotus (Red)
3. Lotus (White)
4. Lilly
5. Sambangi/Sundar roja
6. Paneer Rose

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