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One Day Workshop on Women Care

              Women have a key role in every aspect as humankind; essentially multi-task oriented. Women Health Management and self-care is essential as they (she) play/s a vital role in their career life as well as family life. The well-being nature of one’s body, mind and soul always can keep them harmonious in their environment. In modern life, there are substantial numbers of justified reasons as a cause for the ailment. This workshop intended to create awareness and provide guidelines to cure for women burgeoning health related issues namely; Obesity, Menstrual Cramp, Menstrual Irregularity, Hormonal Imbalance (Thyroid), Fibroids, PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease), Adenomyosis , Menopause, infertility, Pre Natal Advices, Post Deliver Women Care etc. This workshop aims at bringing gynecologists, professional yoga trainers, Ayurveda practitioners, alternative therapists and dieticians all together. This workshop provides multi-model approach to cure for ailments. This workshop also provides broad guidelines to deal with gynecological disorders and diseases.  The theoretical topics of discussion are about anatomy, body constitution, understanding emotions, diet and lifestyle, yoga training, meditation techniques, breathing techniques, brain wave meditation and herbal medicines etc. Every participant will be given a chance for personal interactions and health counseling. 

Workshop Date: 12-06-2016                      Venue:     Reva Group of Institutions  
                                                                                     Near Nandini Restaurant                                                                                           New Bell Road

Registration Fee (Inclusive of  Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments 
(Satvic Food)): Rs. 600/-

                                      Timings: 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m

Contact Numbers for Prior Registration/Enquiry:9945329089

Kindly  confirm  your  registration  for  the  better  arrangement of the workshop

                           Registration Details
Name of the Person:
Contact Number:

Note: This Workshop is Exclusively for Women

Kindly come in salvar so that you will feel flexible to do yoga and meditation

If possible bring a towel for doing yoga 


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