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May 26, 2016

Kids Brain Devlopment

1. Ask them to drink atleast 4-5 glass of water.
2. For dinner in the night try to give fresh fruits and vegetables, dry nuts.
3. Give 10 pumpkin seeds every day.
4. Ask them to inhale deeply so that oxygen supply would be proper.
5. Ask them to get up by 6 o'clock.
6. Ask them to sleep by 9.30
7. Give breakfast between 8.00 A.M to 9.00 A.M
8. Avoid microwave cooked foods.
9. Avoid coloured candies and chocolates.
10. Avoid packed and preserved foods.
11. Give one spoon of honey in the empty stomach.
12. ask them to avoid tea and coffee.
13. GIvem them walnut.
14. Ask them to avoid icecreams and baked foods

FInally, give them any eatable items that are prepared at home.

Always try to talk positively with them. 

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