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April 30, 2016

Why Flowers In Summer??

Hi friends,here is a question that why we wear flowers?
Flowers provides natural fragrance which hence makes us and also the people around us feel fresh through out the day. we must wear flowers because it will protect the back portion of the brain which is called as basal brain (Occipital and Temporal Lobes)these two portions are protected from the sun. So that brain liquidity level becomes the matter for ones' activeness maintained for longer time.

Basal brain is responsible for emotional senses. Wearing flower keeps brain cool that leads to emotional stability. Flower gives natural fragrance and its is an effective aroma therapy to sort certain mental turmoils.

Wearing flower gives natural freshness in the mouth also as it improves the fluid taste remains fresh and makes us feel fresh all around.
especially wearing flower is good in the summer as  the concept of staying fresh makes you look attractive and confident.

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