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April 20, 2016

Diet Chart for Fibroid, PCOD, Adenomyosis

Diet chart for Fibroid, PCOD and Adenomyosis Sufferings

1. Eat small quantity/amount of food every time. (1/4 th of stomach should be left empty)
   To boost the digestion
2. Consume more amount of water.
3. Take one time cooked food per day, remaining all other time consume fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, dry nuts, tender coconut etc.
4. Avoid oily foods, baked foods, preservative foods, non veg, ice-creams etc.
5. Pure turmeric powder (One small teaspoon) add pure honey have it on daily basis.
6. Take ginger (peel it off) Smash it and take ginger juice add honey and drink daily once.
7. Take ginger (Peel it off) Smash it and add glass of water, add jaggery and boil it, filter and drink.
8. Consume tulsi leaves (10-20 leaves per day).
9. Take bilva/vilva leaves (5-10 leaves per day).
10. Take lemon juice with honey.
11. Avoid drinking too much of coffee and Tea.
12. Have deep breath (Stomach Full).
13. Eat Amla/Gooseberry with honey.
14. Take fresh aloe vera, peel it off, cut into pieces, Wash the pieces more than 5 times. Dip in honey and eat in the empty stomach.
15. Do exercises, yoga and meditation


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