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Herbal Medicine for Weight Reduction and Tummy Reduction

Dear Viewers,

This article is all about the introduction of a licensed herbal product  "Slim Tea".This product is a mixture of 7 herbals. This herbal  helps us a natural way to rejuvenate body cells and to eliminate toxications.
Dosage and Directions  This herbal medicine is a powder form. For the first five days only one time in the empty stomach the herbal tea has to be taken. Later part daily twice advised to take.
Preparation Steps 1. Take one glass of water and add one spoon full of the herbal powder. 2. Boil it properly for about 5 minutes. 3. Add jaggery or palm jaggery as per your taste. 4. Drik in the empty stomach. 5. Leave half an hour without taking any food or water.

"Slim Tea" a herbal medicine for weight reduction, tummy reduction, toxic elimination is available for the cost of Rs.110/-. We supply medicine along with the detailed formula and its descriptions.

If anyone is interested can make a call to