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January 1, 2016

Effective medicine for cold and cough

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You could see many articles on the title "Cold and Cough".
There are several formulas suits for curing cold and cough depending upon the body condition and severity  of the disease.

This article gives you the powerful medicine for curing all sorts of cold and cough. and also preventive medicine for cold and cough.

This homemade medicine also advised for children too who is above 5 years old.

Procedure to prepare the medicine

1. Take two (2) betel leaves. Cut it into small pieces.
2. Take two spoon cumin seeds (zeera).
3. Five pinches of pepper powder.
4. Add two glass of water.
5. Boil it properly until reduces to 3/4.
6. Filter it add palm jaggery or honey.
7. Two hours once you can have this for fastest cure.

Share your experience.

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