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November 16, 2015

Useful Tips and Diet for Cold Season

Dear Viewers,

We all know that another three more months the weather would be too chill/cold.

It is mandatory to know more about the suitable life style and diet to safe guard our health to protect us from the winter climatic condition.

1. Protect your ears using scarf/cotton/Tap your ears. So that warmth/heat will be tapped.

2. Tap your body heat by closing the ears with cotton as much as possible so that blood supply in the brain would be normal. Since brain plays a vital role in controlling entire body functions like digestion, metabolism, excretion etc., it is mandatory to cover your head with scarf..

3. Likewise tap your foot with socks to maintain the required body temperature.

4. Daily drink hot water boiled with the cumin/zeera seed to regularize the digestion process. 

5. Daily once gargle with salted warm water. Its a preventive method from cold, cough, sour throat and fever.

6. Chew few tulsi leaves on regular basis.

7. Please don not cover your face and nose while sleeping in the night. Allow fresh air to flow into your nozzle. 

8. Due to cold climate if fever comes do the following home remedy:
              Take one teaspoon of salt and roast it in the ever-silver vessel for few minutes, then add two tea tea spoon of sugar roast it for few more minutes. It may turn to paste form. Now add one glass of plain water into it. Boil it properly. Have this drink thrice a day to get a cure from fever.

9. Home remedy for cold and cough 
              Take one spoon coriander seeds, one spoon cumin seeds, turmeric powder, five pepper, ginger/dry ginger and pal jaggery. Add all these ingredients with two glass of water. Boil it properly until reduces into 3/4 of the original quantity of water.
Consume this drink often to get rid of cold and cough. 

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