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November 22, 2015

Benefits of Boiled and Cooled Water

Healthy persons are recommended to drink only small quantities of water other than summer season. Drinking water before food makes a person lean and after food makes the person to become obese.

Cold water is helpful for alcohol intoxication, weakness, fainting, vomiting, fatigue, giddiness, thirst, heat reduction, burning feel, bleeding disorder and elimination of toxins.

Whereas, hot water is helpful for improved digestion, desirable for throat, cleanesses urinary bladder, belching, abdominal distension, cough, fever, eliminating products of abnormal digestion or metabolism, asthma, wheezing, running nose, pain at the lateral aspect of spine.

It is not desirable to drink water before the digestion of water of another is completed. Drinking boiled water before the digestion of unboiled water and unboiled water even after the digestion of boiled water is contra-indicated.

Cold water should not be drunk before hot water undergoes digestion.

Water drunk in excess, even in excessive thirst, gets transformed into excessive pitta and kapha especially in fever.

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