Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, blessing money can't buy.

November 27, 2015


There few regular practices makes everyone live  a healthy life.
1. Living in the present
2. Avoid your thoughts oscillating between  past memories and future expectations
    [Past is dead no more we can recover or improve. Future in uncertain]
3. If there is solution for your life problem find it otherwise drop the problem itself
4. Be involve fully with more awareness into  all the activities your daily life.
5. Create a harmonious environment around you

There are few research study reveals that the individual those who live with fullest awareness has fit body. Their height and weight is proportionate. 
Those who live with lesser awareness are more obese. 

"Mindful Living is the Base for Healthy Life" 

November 26, 2015

Powerful Message to Heal your Abdominal Problems

One herbal medicine relieves so many health related issues.
Here is the simple and powerful solution for the following ailments at the lowest cost. Its predomiantly available every part of Tamilnadu and even in the online.
1. Gastritis
2. Menstrual Cramp
3. Irregular Menstruation
4. Pain/inflammatory in the liver or spleen 
5. Persisting pain in the stomach
6. Persisting pain the abdominal
7. Female Infertility
8. Initial stage of diabetic
9. Intestinal Inflammatory
10. Swelling
11. Menopause
12. Liver diseases
13. Polycystic Ovaries/PCOD
14. Fibroid
15. Hair Loss
16. Headache and Fever
17. Excessive cholesterol
18. Multiple Lipoma
19. Endometriosis 

Image result for spleen and liver location
Liver and spleen

For the above said all the problems the cause is life style disorder, stress, tension, worries, diet etc.

The remedial solution is.....
Bonduc Nut-English Name, Caesalpinia Bonduc Herb- General name is the medicine for above said all the ailments. Tamil Name:   Kazharchi Kaai or Kazhachi Kaai

The following picture is the appearance of medicine. 

Image result for kalachikai benefits in tamil
Bonduc Nut
The outer sheath of this nut is very tough. We have to break this nut using hammer or stone. Inside there is a big seed.nut.
1.Take one seed every day and make it as a powder. 
2.Daily morning half part of this powder you have to mix it with butter milk, asafoetida powder(pinch) and pinch of salt. 
3. Stirr well.
4. Have it in the empty stomach in the morning. 
5. Give  a gap of minimum half an hour and go for a breakfast. 

Subsequently in the evening do the following for better results.
1. Take the remaining powder and add half the amount of pepper powder.
2. Mix it well
3. Have it in the evening by 5-6 o' clock
4. Give  a gap of minimum half an hour and go for a supper/dinner.
Depending upon the severity the dosage can be taken  from seven days to 3 months.

This medicine is powerful antibiotic. 

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November 22, 2015

Benefits of Boiled and Cooled Water

Healthy persons are recommended to drink only small quantities of water other than summer season. Drinking water before food makes a person lean and after food makes the person to become obese.

Cold water is helpful for alcohol intoxication, weakness, fainting, vomiting, fatigue, giddiness, thirst, heat reduction, burning feel, bleeding disorder and elimination of toxins.

Whereas, hot water is helpful for improved digestion, desirable for throat, cleanesses urinary bladder, belching, abdominal distension, cough, fever, eliminating products of abnormal digestion or metabolism, asthma, wheezing, running nose, pain at the lateral aspect of spine.

It is not desirable to drink water before the digestion of water of another is completed. Drinking boiled water before the digestion of unboiled water and unboiled water even after the digestion of boiled water is contra-indicated.

Cold water should not be drunk before hot water undergoes digestion.

Water drunk in excess, even in excessive thirst, gets transformed into excessive pitta and kapha especially in fever.

November 16, 2015

Useful Tips and Diet for Cold Season

Dear Viewers,

We all know that another three more months the weather would be too chill/cold.

It is mandatory to know more about the suitable life style and diet to safe guard our health to protect us from the winter climatic condition.

1. Protect your ears using scarf/cotton/Tap your ears. So that warmth/heat will be tapped.

2. Tap your body heat by closing the ears with cotton as much as possible so that blood supply in the brain would be normal. Since brain plays a vital role in controlling entire body functions like digestion, metabolism, excretion etc., it is mandatory to cover your head with scarf..

3. Likewise tap your foot with socks to maintain the required body temperature.

4. Daily drink hot water boiled with the cumin/zeera seed to regularize the digestion process. 

5. Daily once gargle with salted warm water. Its a preventive method from cold, cough, sour throat and fever.

6. Chew few tulsi leaves on regular basis.

7. Please don not cover your face and nose while sleeping in the night. Allow fresh air to flow into your nozzle. 

8. Due to cold climate if fever comes do the following home remedy:
              Take one teaspoon of salt and roast it in the ever-silver vessel for few minutes, then add two tea tea spoon of sugar roast it for few more minutes. It may turn to paste form. Now add one glass of plain water into it. Boil it properly. Have this drink thrice a day to get a cure from fever.

9. Home remedy for cold and cough 
              Take one spoon coriander seeds, one spoon cumin seeds, turmeric powder, five pepper, ginger/dry ginger and pal jaggery. Add all these ingredients with two glass of water. Boil it properly until reduces into 3/4 of the original quantity of water.
Consume this drink often to get rid of cold and cough. 

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