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Home Remedy for all sorts of health ailments

Dear Viewers,
Its a great opportunity for all of us to watch the practical demonstration of herbal medications. Excellent service contributed by the senior fellow "Sakthi Subramaniyam" and "Nandini Subramaniyam".

The program name "Nattu Maruthuvam | நாட்டு மருத்துவம்" which is telecasted  in "Sun TV" from Monday to Friday  between 8.30a.m to 9.00a.m.

This Sun TV show would be highly useful for medical practitioner, pharmaceuticals, pharmacist, Nature Cure, Alternative Therapist etc.,

Highlights of this program
1. Home made medication for all kind of diseases and disorders.
2. Every episode explains in detail about the herbs, disease and its root cause.
3. Preparation of medication has been shown along with the practical demonstration.
4. This episode  can be understood easily by anyone irrespective of the geographical location.
5. Each of the plant used in this episode have been explained very well in the regional language along with the bota…