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Online and Home Tution for Computer Science/MCA/BCA/IT Students

Dear Students,

I am Freelancer in educational training and career training. Resident of Bangalore, Jalahalli Cross. 

Anchored instruction is directly linked to the idea of inert previous knowledge.
It's all about the knowledge people already have, but they do not recall unless they are prompted to do so. Anchored instruction makes learners to retrieve this knowledge in order to solve problems related to the subject matter under study. Learning is enhanced when learners are able to collect information and acquire knowledge while they are striving to understand and solve problems that may arise within specific scenarios or situations based on the previous knowledge what they possesses already. If anyone lacks previous knowledge, they can only memorize new facts. Whereas an anchored-based instructional design gives learners for the opportunity, from the very beginning, apart from memorizing new information, to also understand how and where newly acquired knowledge can be applied, minimizing this way the possibility of its becoming inert based on establishing a strong link between new learning and the previous knowledge. I also facilitate discovery based learning to improve an individual's creative skill. 

Every topic will be facilitated based on 5W and 1H facts in order to improve their retention and recalling ability.

With the level of highest quality coaching will be provided. Considering the learners capacity teaching will be delivered with at most care and attention.
I offer online/Home tuition for Computer Science and Engineering students in the following subjects.
1. Data Structures and Algorithms
2. Design and Analysis of Algorithm
3. Programming Languages 'C'
4. Programming Languages 'C++'
5. Programming Languages 'Java'
6. System Software
7. Theory of Computation
8. Principles of Compiler Design
9. Operating Systems
10. Visual Programming
11. Software Engineering
12. Computer Graphics
13. Microprocessor
14. Digital Electronics
15. Service Oriented Architecture
16. Database Management Systems
17. Principles of Programming Languages
18. Distributed systems
19. Computer Organization and Architecture
20. Object Oriented Programming and Analysis
21. Discrete Mathematics

In addition there will be a separating training will be offered on the following module.
1. Technical Training for interview
2. Soft skill Training
3. Aptitude Training
4. Spoken English
5. Mentoring and Coaching for GATE examination
6. Problem Solving Skills
7. Programming Skills
8. Skill of Negotiation

Upon your requirement flexibility will be made in waiving fee and timings.

If anyone is wandering for the above said items to learn

 in an unique way can contact to:
Whatsapp : +91-9965927772

For mail enquiry:

Online consultation:-karunakaran2910(skype ID),


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