Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, blessing money can't buy.

December 24, 2013



What makes a gift invaluable and priceless? A gift should not be judged by its material value but rather by the love and creativity that goes into making it. A gift's value also does not lie in the effort that goes in making it. A gift can be simple but still beautiful because of the thoughtfulness and the underlying message that is the inspiration behind it.

The best gifts are always the ones that have the personal touch and thus encompass the individuality of the giver. The gift making might be effortless but a lot of planning should go into it. A gift can be simple or intricate and that purely depends on the personality of the person for whom it is being designed or crafted. The occasion is equally important when deciding on a gift.

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas this year with your loved ones by surprising them with a gift that is unique and personal at the same time

*** Santa Claus is on his way, ***

It’s going to be a bright and a happy day,
So pass on the happiness to every person you meet,
Brighten up their day and touch their lives beneath.
Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Today’s Topic is ‘Tips for Happiness”

Do you know those people who always seem to be happy?

Even faced with challenges or adversity, there are certain people who seem to maintain their joyful state and love for life, no matter what.

It turns out that joyful people tend to have a few habits that help them to get the most out of life and keep them looking on the bright side…

So if you want to infuse more happiness into your life right now, keep these 10 habits in mind :)

Habit #1: Appreciate life ~ Develop an attitude of gratitude and count your blessings! When you start looking for things to be thankful fo
r, you'll discover more reasons to be grateful.

Habit #2: Keep learning ~ Invest time and energy into continually learning and developing new skills. Keep your brain stimulated with exciting information and hobbies.

Habit #3: Do what you love ~ This may seem obvious, but a majority of people dislike their job! Choose a career that you enjoy and make time in your schedule for your hobbies and to pursue special interests.

Habit #4: Laughter - Don't take life too seriously! Laugh at yourself, make light of your circumstances and infuse fun into daily activities.

Habit #5: Forgiveness - Holding onto anger, resentment or jealousy will only hurt you. Learn to forgive others & yourself for mistakes. Let it go and move on.

Habit #6: Meditation ~ More and more research is showing that meditation has major benefits on health and well-being. It increases positive emotions, life satisfaction and immune function.

Habit #7: Love ~ Nurture your relationships with friends & family and make it a priority to spend time with and to support your loved ones.

Habit #8: Stop comparing ~ Happy people don't waste their time worrying about what other people think, or with gossiping. Let go of the need to judge or criticize. Instead concentrate on creating and living YOUR best life.

Habit #9: Be positive! ~ Make an effort to see the glass half full and always look for the silver lining in any situation. If you notice a negative thought creeping into your mind, counteract it with a powerful, positive affirmation.

Habit #10: Surround yourself with those who take you higher ~ Surround yourself with happy, positive people who truly want the best for you and support you on your journey to success.

The more you incorporate these 10 habits into your daily life, the happier you'll be.

So which tips will you start implementing into your life right now?

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