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Guranteed solution for Kideney Diseases - Kideney stone, Kidney Failure, Kidney Cancer

Dear Readers,
Kidney stones usually comprise of a compound called calcium oxalate, which results due to accumulation of dissolved minerals on the inner lining of the kidneys. These deposits grow to the size of a golf ball while maintaining a sharp, crystalline structure. The kidney stones are smaller in nature and would go out of the urinary tract unnoticed, but some people may experience extreme pain while urination.

Kidney stones which are present inside the body can lead to various other complications, like severe pain during urination and Ureter blockage that obstructs the path urine uses to leave the body.


The ideal cause of kidney stones is a lack of water content inside the body. People who consume less than eight to ten glasses of water a day are prone to kidney stones. If there is insufficient water to dilute the uric acid, what happens is the pH level within the kidneys falls and becomes more acidic in nature. This acidic situation would lead to the fo…


Dear Viewers,

As I promised i would like to provide you the detailed instructions for the preparation of Mojito Blasto  (One of the best Summer Cooling Recipe and preferred drink throughout the world)

Step 1 : Take Lemon, squeeze it up nicely..

Step 2 : Have a small cup filled with mint leaves, wash the mint leaves very well

Step 3 : Now try making sugar syrup by adding lime juice, sugar , few leaves of mint (for smell) and salt to taste. Heat the syrup in a microwave oven or even in the gas stove. After few minutes set aside and let it cool.

Step 4:  After that crush the mint leaves using mixer. If you like Iced Mojito , then you can put few ice cubes along with mint leaves in the Juicer Mixer and crush well till it everything gets mixed well.

Step 5: Now mix the sugar syrup and crushed mint leaves with ice in a sauce pan. Add water accordingly and garnish with the lime pieces... Serve cool for the hot summer........

Now Lets see how Mojito Blasto looks like !!!!!! Try and enjoy the d…