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July 17, 2013

Memory Improving Techniques for Smarter Studies

1. A student or a kid has to develop a good approach toward text book only with the positive attitude and in harmonious approach and that should feel within themselves. We all know that book is a no living thing even then book has got sense to pulse your emotions. If you are cordial in touching the book definitely your learning will become more and more easier with that book. 
2.  Kids are able to remember any dialogue scenes of movies and TV shows. How is it possible to remember all these scenes for longer time

Guess, Why is that so !

The answer is very simple and generic. Anything that comes to kids mind as visual or imaginary they can remember for long term because they developed some passion towards the visual part or scenes of that movie. Whereas text book contents are as smaller than the visual media show.

Now lets come to the point that if any formula or any diagram comes into the learning session they have to keep following these two simple tips:

    Look at the formula or the diagram.
    Visualize as big as possible in your mind by closing your eyes for few seconds/minutes.
When you use these two simple steps the learning works out magically for quick memorizing and retention.

3. Identify the mode of learning which suits for an individual .................

Learning through eyes -->  Prepare a chart/posters and paste it in wall of kids room......
Learning through hearing i.e with the use of ipod/cell phones/laptops for voice recording. A kid can start recording the tips and important points by their own voice so that during their leisure time or even during learning hours it can be used as a tool for playback of their lessons.
Learning through discussions through Facebook, Gtalk or even with the help of Skype - Free to call from one PC to PC

4. Whenever you feel bored in continuous reading take a nap, try doing meditation make your mind calm and cool let it relax.... But avoid watching TV or reading some other books or the worst nightmare would be your chatting platforms, it distracts your studies.... Spare some time in kitchen/gardening/nature watch/with your loved ones....... 
                        BRAHMI PLANT -->

5. For brain stamina consume more white lotus petal in your food and nutrition.

6. For more creativity and logical thinking use brahmi
/vallarai(in tamil) in your food and nutrition.

Say tuned for more and more tips!!!

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