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Alkaline Foods - Acidic Food

In our day to day life whatsover the food we eat it can be classified into two categories alkaline food and acidic food.
Alkaline food gives more benefits for healthier life than acidic foods.

In our body most of the fluids like blood and enzymes are basically alkaline in nature. When we consume more acidic food it reduces the PH value of  the blood from alkaline to acidic nature.

Let us the scale of measuring the alkaline and acidic nature

PH is the metrics used to measure the alkalinity and acidity. Normally PH value starts from 0 and it ends up-to 14.

The PH value from 0 to 69 indicates acidic.
The PH value 7 indicates neutral( no alkalinity and acidity)
The PH value  from 7.1 to 14 indicates alkalinity.

Pure water without minerals and salt is defined for neutral PH value 7.

In one step further foods are classified into 6 different categories.
PH 0-2 More acidic food
PH 2-5 Less acidic food
PH 5-7 Very less acidic
PH 7-9 Very less alkaline foods
PH 9-12 Less alkaline foods
PH 12-14  More alkaline foods

More acidic foods (Ph0-2)
1. All alcoholic drinks like whisky, brandy, ram,beer,  wine, votco and kalyan etc.,
2. Cool drinks and beverages mixed and filled with an air like pepsi, coca cola, thumbs up, sprite, soda, mazza, slice etc.,
3. Fruit juices mixed with sugar (sugar is more acidic)
4. Vinegar
5. Yeast
6. Tamarind
7.  Margarine
8. Sweetest Syrups
9. Honey
10. Coco
11. Saccharine
12. Tobacco
13. Panparak   
Less acidic food
1. Coffee
2. Tea
3. Jam
4. Jelly
5. Dry Fruits
6. Egg
7.  Sea Foods
8. Meat
9. Fresh Fruit Juices qithout sugar
10. Buttor
11. Ketchup
12. Milk
14. Yogurt
15. Cheese
16. Ice Cream
17. Chocolate
18. Noodles
19. Macroni  
20. Spaghetti
21. Biscuits
22. White Bread
23. soup Powders
24. Instant Foods
25. Tinned Foods
26. Fast Foods
27. Fish Oil

Pulses and Grains
1. Rice
2. Wheat
3. Millet

1. Mushroom
1. Apple
2. Banana
3. Grapes
4. Black Plum
5. amla
6. Mango
7. Gauva
8. Orange
9. Papaya
10. Pine Apple
11. Apricot 
12. Strawberry
13. Mangusthan  

Less acidic foods 
1. samba Rice
2. Coconut Milk
3. Soya Milk 
4. Oats
5. All sweet items

1. Ground nut
2. Pistha 
3.Almond (Badam)
4. Brazil nut
5. Hazel Nut
6. Pumkin Seed
7. sun Flower Seed
8. Black Beans
9. Kidney Beans

Oil Items
1. Sesame Oil (Gingly Oil)
2.  Sun Flower Oil
3. Ground Nut Oil
4. Millet Oil

Non Vegetarian Foods
1. Lake Fish
2. Pond Fish
3. River Fish
1. Dates
2. Cherry
3. Plums
4. water Melon

Less Alkali Foods (Or) Alkaline Based Foods
1. Plain water
2. Vegetable Juice
3. Green tea
4. Radish
5. Noolkol
6. Small Onions
7. Mustard Leaves
8. Gigger
9. Curry Leaves
10. Mustard 
11. Asafoetida
12. Fenu Greeks
More Alkali Foods (Or) Alkaline Based Foods

1. Salt
2. Soda salt
3.  Rock salt
4. Spirulina 
5. Lotus stem
6. Dry soya
7. Sprouted soya and peas 

1. All Green Leaves
2. Bitter Guard
3. Tomato 
4. Cucumber
5. Brocoli
6. Ava coda
7. Garlic 


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