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Meditation is a process by which one can be transformed and healed within themselves, as a person keep on meditate various thoughts and ideas will be slowed down to a particular point where one can feel or sense a positive energy emerged in themselves. The positive energy emerged in themselves gives freshness once the entire process gets over. I don’t say that one should keep a track on timings etc… but as and when you are free just take few minutes, close your eyes and chant om within yourselves, the sound you hear while you chant gives you a soothing effect and once you open your eyes there will be nourishment for the entire body and also boost your energy level to a certain extent. Now lets find out more facts on meditation.

The next question booming in your mind would be “ Why should I do meditation ? “                                     Nowadays people experience very stressful life and also give a passage for an illness to get affected. it is a natural tendency of human life to look for a joy that doesn’t decline or degrade, a love that doesn’t distort or turn into negative emotions. Sometimes you feel unhappy and dissatisfied and you think that the entire process is so subtle, you may wonder why its happening. Before you took birth you started doing meditation as you were not doing anything when you were in your mom`s womb. No need to take any food, water, no need to chew and eat properly whatever is being consumed by your mother is being carried forward to you.

And this meditation even led you to the state of comfort. Meditation is often described as comfort. And everyone needs comfortable and pleasant life in this world and also want to enjoy every moments of their life. But people often forget that without health there is no wealth.  Becoming fresh , experiencing joyful atmosphere , happiness etc… are all meditation.

 Meditation passes through various stages of past emotion and excessive thinking. Meditation is food for the soul. It’s very natural that when a person feels he his hungry he takes food and if you are thirsty you want to drink some water. In the same way, the soul yearns for meditation and this tendency is in everyone.

Meditation was discovered long back ago and is being practiced by many people for their better health and illness free body. Various research spots that meditation brings an improvement in one`s perception, focus, memory and creativity. Regular meditators are becoming healthier and healthier day by day.

The main idea of meditation is to transform the state of our hearts and minds and create a positive energy within the body for the whole day. As people keep on doing meditation this often improves mental functioning, greater intuition and makes a man an all rounder in all his skill sets.

How to Meditate?

Everyday people spend at least 8 hours of work, then you are left out with 16 hrs balance. Again you spend 7 hours of sleep.  Now you have 9 hours pending. In that 9 hours just spend 15 – 30 minutes in the early morning , keep your eyes closed as I already mentioned Chant Om, Om, Om……….

Make sure that you think about yourselves, your body, your soul here you may come across concentration, devotion,  visualization, mindfulness etc… its not limited to the above there are many other which you may experience during the meditation. Always prefer to Sit in the floor using a mat. Lay your palms on both the highs, be erect and chant.  There are other ways you practice meditation they are as follows :

As and when you do a physical exercise or yoga, you become vulnerable to tiredness and your mind automatically goes into a meditation. Secondly, when you go into a good atmosphere with lots of trees and perfect oxygen you tend to breath more, this often leads to meditation. You also get into meditation because of the major five elements that are sight, sound, taste, smell or touch and these elements are closely related to Panchabootham ie air, water, fire, earth and space and also through emotions.

A person can therefore lead happier, balanced life with the help of meditation and with this you can always achieve your goals in the life. As I mentioned daily ten-minute practice can make all the difference. Its not much time to dedicate when you consider all the time spent caring for your physical appearance. When you going for some party you dress your body in such a way that you should get more attraction same way make it a routine every day after you have a good bath make a practice of doing meditation or else when you do your prayer, do at that time. It cleans your body in an overall way, the negative attitude, laziness at work place etc…


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