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May 29, 2013

Healthier Food For Pregnant Women

To give a birth to healthier baby both mentally and physically add the following diet tips into your regular food.
 Add more juices
1. Have Carrot juice with honey.
2. Have beet toot juice with honey.
3. Have cabbage juice with honey.
4. Have cucumber juice with honey.
5. Have ash guard juice with honey.
6. Have green grass(arugam pul) juice with honey.
7. Eat Hybiscus flower with honey.
8. Amla juice with honey.
9. Pomegranate juice with honey.
10. Grape juice with honey. 
 Add more herbal tea
1. Green Tea.
2. Ginger Tea.
3. Mint Tea.
4. Dry Ginger Tea.
5. Long pepper Tea.
6. Pepper and cumin seeds Tea.
7. Coriander and Dry ginger Tea.

Add more pulses, fresh vegetables and green leaves

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