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April 6, 2013

The most powerful mantra theraphy - Om Siva Siva Om

Om Shiva Shiva Om


There are plenty of mantras pronounced by each one of us. Every mantra have got its own effects and benefits. In general the mantra which forms a circuit will create more and more positive energy and fulfilment. 
One such mantra is "Om Shiva Shiva Om"
I really have got more benefits out this chanting "Om Shiva Shiva Om". 
The benefits are really countless. To overcome diseases as well to live healthy life a continuous chanting of this mantra relives from karmic pain.

In this kaliyuga (The present day World) everyone will suffer from either with diseases or financial issues or any means of karmic pain. This mantra chanting or prayer with "Om Shiva Shiva Om" makes us/helps us to get rid of karmic pain.

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  2. Enter your comment...Sir
    my body ghost effected
    as like naga dosha
    pls help and advice
    some mantra


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