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April 8, 2013

Sacred Seed (Rudraksham) Upanishad – Learn and Earn Success in life

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Rudraksha word is related to Hindu Religion. In Sanskrit Rudraksham means Rudraksha fruit as well as Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha tree grows on mountains and hilly region of Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Burma. Its leaves are green in colour and the fruits are brown in color and sour in taste. The Rudraksha fruits also adorn the human beings because of spiritual value.

Rudraksha power is more than any gems, yantra, tantra, mantra and Jantra. The worshipper of Rudraksha is blessed with prosperity, peace and health. Yet there are certain precautions to be taken to avoid the gain of sins. These precautions are such as:-

Rudraksha must be worn after Sidhhi (method of purification & charging with Mantra), performing the prayers and ritual rites for its sanctification and Hawanet etc. It should be worn on auspecious day, Monday or thursday.

Rudraksha Mantra and Rudraksha Origin Mantra is to be chated daily 9 times while wearing in the morning and after removing before going to bed. Rudraksha must be removed before going to sleep and must be kept at the puja place.)

Rudraksha can be worn in the morning after having Bath. It can be worn after reciting the mantra as above and inscence/ ghee lamp etc must be used. It must not be touched before bathing. One should clean his hands properly after using toilet.

The wearer of the Rudraksha should not eat non vegiterian food and should not take alcohol. He should speak truth always and must go to Lord Shiva temple for his blessings.

It removes the bacteria inside as well as outside the Human Body. Rudraksha removes the headache, cough, paralysis, and blood pressure, heart disease and maternity problems. Wearing of Rudraksha brings glow on the face, which results in calm and charming personality. Rudraksha rosary is used for Japa. The process of Japa increases spiritual power and self-confidence to move in multi direction of life.

Here is an opportunity to attend the  class (in Tamil Language only) which will be handled by a great spiritual researchers, astrologers about Sacred Seed (Rudraksham)  benefits and its use in spirituality at a nominal cost.



If anyone desire seriously to come out of unwanted habits and live a life of purity can wear Rudraksha's and may find themselves free soon after wearing it . This has happened to many. It may happen to you Rudraksha must not be taken to the cremation grounds and funerals.

Its a great opportunity to know more steps to attain spiritual growth.
Interested person can send an e- mail to or contact
Mr.Veeramuni :  mentioning that  Sacred Seed (Rudraksham)  Upanishad/Ruthratcha Applicant in the "subject" of mail.

Include the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Place-Living Place
  • Photo
  • Horoscope

Eligibility Condition :

  • Age must be 20 and above.
  • Must be vegetarian or ready to be vegetarian after the completion of this course.
  • Both male and female eligible to attend this class.
  • Last date to apply is 30/04/2013.
  • Later based on selection mail intimation will be given with the details of venue,Agenda and date .
For further details:
Please visit the website :
Om Shiva Shiva Om

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  1. There is great knowledge about rudraksha.
    There are so many different types of rudraksha.
    nice one......


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