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April 8, 2013

Hindu Dharma - Mantra Chanting - Matra Theraphy

Hindu Dharma spread throughout the world, dating back to the unwritten history. Before twenty million years of the human race civilization, the world has been spread only with the worship of lord shiva. Despite the worship of the gods like Ganesh,Muruga in the later years, only the worship of lord shiva will wipe away the sins of the previous births. Modern indologists found that Ramayana has occurred since 17,50,000 years. During the period of Ramayana, even lord sriram worshipped lord shiva idol in rameswaram.
At present, the worship of lord shiva is held best in India. But, all the secrets of lord shiva worshipping are available only in the state of Tamil Nadu. So only the experienced quote, ”Thennathudaya sivane potri,ennatavarkum eraiva potri” is still in circulation. For nearly 10 years,at a rate of about one hour per day, the shiva mantra should be chanted in the lord shiva temple. If we do so, the sins that ones committed in the previous birth will be wiped away. But How the people living in the furthest country can come to tamilnadu?.
Here is the solution.....
In 1980,A simple but a powerful mantra has been initiated and preached to his direct disciple Mr.Sivamarriappan alias sakasrahavadukar by our spiritual master Mr.Mistic Selvam.
Later in 2010,Mr.Sivamarriappan preached the same to Mr. K. Viramunni and he had spreaded about the power and benefit of the mantra to the public through the blog in tamil (
The siva mantra is nothing other than “om shiva shiva om”. In 1937, Mr. Mistic Selvam was born in the district Rajapalayam; Despite,being served in the government office, he did many spiritual researches and Published the outcome of it. He lived many years in Thenkasi and taught many spiritual secrets in Madurai. Because of his teaching, Peoples …..................................... has been wiped away.
He has three spritualism objective. They are as follows:
  1. People around the world must undestand how to chant the mantra “om shiva shiva om”?
  2. Each and everyone's work and lifetime is decided by God saturn; If a person is affected by the rays of God Saturn, then in the 30 years of his/her lifetime, He/she can be happy only for ten years and the rest of the 20 years, they will suffer from various problems . In order to prevent this, he discovered the worshipping of lord kalabhairava who is the guru of God saturn.
  3. By doing AnnaDhana, Our previous birth's karma gets wiped away. So, Everyone must follow the culture of Anndhana.

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