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Every Plant and its subsystem has one sense that it provides food, cloth and shelter to all the higher sense beings. Plants are the only living being having a connection with space and earth. It consumes its own food energy from space as well from the mother earth. From space it take photons in the form of light as well magnetic forces. Whereas from earth it takes lot of valuable minerals such as Nobel liquids, Metals, Mercury etc. 
Earth is a composition of several entities. From the layer of Mental core, earth emits lot of precious gases and various metals. These metals can not even taken out by our modern scientific methods. But it is surprised and miraculous, plants sucks these all and convert it into various form of flowers, nuts, vegetable, roots, stems and leaves.

Now the question starts...
Why should we consume non vegetarian food? Is it required for us ?
First of all human digestion system is not meant to digest and absorb non vegetarian food particles.
Second thing, When an animal is cut into pieces it emits lot of hormones connected with fear, anger and pain. These particles will be deposited into the flesh. It has to chew and consume these toxins. When we are hurted by any one how do we react? What if we extend the same empathy and sympathy towards animals.

In general, regularly adopted vegetarian diet has certain beneficial effects on the body:
It submits a further lower effort to body during digestion , Detoxifies the whole body; Decreae in the content of fiber as well as the risk of diseases such as colon cancer, high cholesterol, hypertension and stroke, diabetes etc… Fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of antioxidants to detoxify the body so as well in the fight against cancer, early ageing and cardiovascular diseases, It also brings a lower intake of toxins in the body.

If we keep hunting animal beings in the same way surely human kind will be punished by the nature one way or other. To understand this let me narrate a story about dinosaur. As we all know this was the biggest and cruel animal lived long back on the earth. But now a days dinosaur had become extinct. The reason is that nature have decided to stop these spices on to the earth, because of its cruel nature. The same may happen to human kind also. Lets safeguard the living cycle and planet earth.


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