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How Digestive System Works ?

Process of Digestive System 

The human digestive system is being processed through the following steps :
Digestion starts right from the teeth. Teeth breakdowns and crushes the food into small pieces so that it can fit down our throats.
The second steps is about the salivary gland which is located underneath the back of our tongue. It creates our saliva. This softens the food in the mouth so that it is easier to swallow. Saliva is also the first of several chemicals that start to break down foods into simpler forms.
Afterwards the tongue ,works with the food and saliva to form into a small piece so that it can be swallowed. The tongue also contains taste buds that helps us tell the difference between salty, sour, sweet, and bitter foods.
Fourth step involves esophagus which is simply a transportation tube from the mouth to the stomach. While we swallow, what happens is closing at the shaft present inside the throat called the epiglottis. Epiglottis sends food down the esophagus and prevent…

Happy Earth Day 2013

My Dear Mother Earth,

Mother Earth -You quench our thrust
Mother Earth -You quench our hungry

Mother Earth -You give your lap to sleep 
Mother Earth -You protect us through shelters
Mother Earth -You full fill everyone's greed and desire
Mother Earth -You are highly binding you with us with your gravitational force

Mother Earth -You shower your compassion and love on every being   Mother Earth -You play a vital role in producing oxygen for our breath
Mother Earth -You make colorful to our eyes by nourishing plants and flowers  
Miracle what you do in our life is countless ......
Mother Earth -Tears are rolling on my eyes .....
As achildren we all give you back only the dirt and pollution ...

What a strange !!!!

Please forgive all and take care of us
Shower your kind,warmth of love, care, affection, protection to everyone of us

Your Beloved,

Use Your Cell Phones Wisely and Effectively !!!

Mobile Phone Causes CancerDear Readers ,

Its time for me to have a glance of various issues related to the cell phone, its uses but more than that its health issues. Primarily I would like to mention that nowdays people speak for hours and hours in cell phone and the more they speak they get addicted but has anyone thought about the after effects of the cell phone, imagine how much money you are losing, for certain individuals people is not a matter but what about your health. If you think you are using the cell phone beyond the limits its high time you got to read this article. Please give inputs and your valuable suggestions and opinions. I would like to raise a polling on the number of hours people use cell phones. Please rate it accordingly.
Coming to the discussion of the uses and health issues mobile phones has a heavy transmission of radio frequency energy in the form electromagnetic radiation that are being absorbed by nearby tissues i.e where the phone is being kept into conta…


Have you ever thought about the reason of headaches? I think this would be the right time to have a thought on that and prevent your body with the help of various remedial action.
Headaches usually occur frequently or occasionally for a person, it differs from a person to person due to his age, working and living environment, due to stress in his / her work or because of mensuration. Sometimes headaches also arises when you wake up in the morning and even sometimes you outside for some routine activites which might be related to work or household purposes that too in the very hot sun or in the afternoon.
But  instead I would recommend you to have ginger tea in the early morning and also in the evening . You might be wondering how can you prepare that !  I would surely help you out. Take a piece of ginger, peal off the skin as its very poisonous, make it in the form of paste, put it in the boiled water, add jaggery according to your taste and leave it boil for 5 mins. But make sure you …

Divine Solution offered by Lord Bairavar for all ailments

Remedies offered by Lord Bhairava
Bairavar is the controller of Navagragas and have the power of reducing the ill effects if one person offers proper prayers to lord bairavar during his bad periods.A list of remedies is given here for various problems.
  During pradosham, especially sani pradosham, after pradosha pooja is over one has to offer curd rice to sri kalabairavar and make an archana in his name.Then he has to distribute the curd rice to people who are in temple.The curd rice should be offered until the case is completed.                                  
During ragu period on friday's (10.30 am to 12.00pm) lord bairavar should be offered santhana kappu, punugu, lotus flower along with kesari, sarkarai pongal and should do archana in his name.The method should be followed up to 8 or 17 or 26 friday's,
3. TO HAVE A REUNION  During wednesday and friday's morning 6-7 …


Dear Viewers,                                                                                                                             Nowadays its been very hot in various parts of the country, it would be good if I could share my views and opinions on various eatables to be avoided during the summer and even junk & fast foods, aerated drinks etc..  I would like to specifically mention about the pros and cons of various food items as shall start with the food items which you have to avoid and finally about the top eatables for this summer. Junk food or Fast Food is ain't foods which you obtain or procure from fast food restaurants, street sellers, hotels  etc… it also includes foods such as potato chips, lays, fried bakery items. Foods with sugar such as packaged cupcakes, pastry are also junk food. Foods that are very rich in saturated fats, sodium as well as refined sugar mainly provide little amount of nutritional value or sometimes nil . Saturated fats and trans fats, w…


Dear Readers , It would be good enough to point some articles related to upcoming festival celebrated in Kerala and Tamilnadu. As the new year waves off this would become the foundation upon which everything that comes after that.. The position of the stars and planets are also taken into consideration to ensure auspicious beginnings for the whole year. Homas are performed and stotrams are chanted to Lord Ganesha in order to remove potential obstacles before the start of any undertaking. Prayers to God are always offered. When people study the Upanishads, which declare the only true power to be our own Self, shanti mantras are chanted before beginning each session of study. Nowadays in Kerala, Vishu gives a sign of start to the Zodiac New Year, when the sun  enters into Sidereal Aries, Ashwini Nakshatra. It’s a principle followed in  everyone`s  residence that, when a person wakes up in the morning and opens their eyes on Vishu  morning, its an indication of what one can expect in the year t…


Does your child have any problem in concentrating and doing his home work? Do you find your child with a dreamy expression on his face when he is supposed to be studying? Children are beginning to explore the world around them. They are learning to think and analyze the cause and effect. Things that may seem mundane to the adult eye are new and wonderful for children. Therefore, they tend to be distracted by the things and happenings around them. However, there are many things you can do to help your child to attain a better concentration levels. There are few set of guidelines to be adopted to achieve out best results i.e : Set a routine. Set aside a specific time for waking up, having breakfast, and going to school, playtime, study time and dinner. Once your child establishes a routine, he will find it easier to concentrate on his work because he knows that this is the time you have allotted for work and nothing else. Make sure that the room in which your child sits down to study and…


Plant Trees, Planned Life Dear Readers, Does anyone of you thought about saving trees, how does in turn contribute to human life and existence in this world ? Do you know how much green surface area is required to provide for your daily oxygen intake that you breathe from air? Check it out with the help of this article ? Can`t we just plant enough of trees indoor and outdoor? Don’t it save ourselves from the danger of pollution and global warming?   Here I would like to ponder some few facts about trees, and various inititatives to be taken to protect our global environment. There's are enormous ways to save trees. Trees are crucial to our environmental system and need to be taken care of as much as possible. They come with an unlimited number of benefits to our world.If we try to save trees, our air will remain clean of impurities. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, pollutants, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, allowing us to breathe clean oxygen. A mature tree will produce as much o…


Every Plant and its subsystem has one sense that it provides food, cloth and shelter to all the higher sense beings. Plants are the only living being having a connection with space and earth. It consumes its own food energy from space as well from the mother earth. From space it take photons in the form of light as well magnetic forces. Whereas from earth it takes lot of valuable minerals such as Nobel liquids, Metals, Mercury etc.  Earth is a composition of several entities. From the layer of Mental core, earth emits lot of precious gases and various metals. These metals can not even taken out by our modern scientific methods. But it is surprised and miraculous, plants sucks these all and convert it into various form of flowers, nuts, vegetable, roots, stems and leaves.
Now the question starts... Why should we consume non vegetarian food? Is it required for us ? First of all human digestion system is not meant to digest and absorb non vegetarian food particles. Second thing, When an anim…