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January 9, 2013

Recipes using Almond Gum

Recipes using Almond Gum

Badam/Almond  gum is naturally extracted from almond tree.. It looks in dirty white colour.It is cheapest item...You may get it from departmental stores or any herbal product shops.
It is one of the food substance to cool the body heat as well solves the constipation problem.

Any drinks you prepare out of this gum...The following few steps are to be taken care...

1. Soak well  a spoon full of gum into a fresh water. Approximately Add 50 spoon full of water into it. After 6-7 hours the soaked gum becomes 6 times into its quantity.

2. Add boiled milk either hot/cold into this soaked gum.

3. May be added any one or few of the following syrups into it more more delicious.

4. May be added rose syrup/Badam Geer/nanaari syrup along with honey or sugar or jaggery.

5. May be added with ice creams.

6. May be added roasted  cashew nuts and kissmiss fruits or almonds into the drinks.

7. Finally you can mix with any combination of all the said ingredients into almond gum and milk.

8. Adding elachi powder into the drink may give more fragrance and tasty.

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