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January 11, 2013

Prevention is better than Cure

Now the medical practitioner not sufficiently gained knowledge about not Preventing from the disease than Curing the disease.

Whereas, alternative medicines such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda and siddha have got the power of Preventing the disease as well curing the disease. Alternative medicine system have got the more awareness among the people right from 1990's. It is very pity that though alternative medicine system have got more power in it among the public only the few people utilizes the benefits.

This system does have only simplest step with the cheapest cost. But when you practice  this system you must have  more confidence and positivity till the cure from the disease.

Do’s and Don't Do's to follow the alternative medicine system:
1. Regular Exercise minimum 30 Minutes -1 Hour [Exercise/Yoga/Walking]
2. Diet Conscious and Nutrition Value
3. Body Weight Control
4. Avoid over use of smoking/Alcoholic/Tobacco products

In the next article, Lets see the tips to prevent from the diseases in Alternative Medicine System.
Keep Watching!!!!!


  1. I like your tips prevention is better than cure,this tips is good for health,i use this tips.thanks for giving knowledgeable information.keep it up !!!!!

  2. Very well said........ Now it become easy to cure health with the help of alternative medicines.


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