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Prevention is better than Cure

Now the medical practitioner not sufficiently gained knowledge about not Preventing from the disease than Curing the disease.
Whereas, alternative medicines such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda and siddha have got the power of Preventing the disease as well curing the disease. Alternative medicine system have got the more awareness among the people right from 1990's. It is very pity that though alternative medicine system have got more power in it among the public only the few people utilizes the benefits.
This system does have only simplest step with the cheapest cost. But when you practice  this system you must have  more confidence and positivity till the cure from the disease.
Do’s and Don't Do's to follow the alternative medicine system: 1. Regular Exercise minimum 30 Minutes -1 Hour [Exercise/Yoga/Walking] 2. Diet Conscious and Nutrition Value 3. Body Weight Control 4. Avoid over use of smoking/Alcoholic/Tobacco products

In the next article, Lets see the tips to prevent f…

Tips to look young and energetic till the end of life

Each day when you get up from the bed smile for a while or laugh for a while without any reason!!!!! 

This gives a tremendous beauty on your face through out the day.

Each day spare your time with pets and plants.
Each day play with kids.
Each day read some books for your thoughts and emotions.
Each day spare some time with your loved one.
Each day spare time to laugh either cracking jokes or reading jokes.
Always have a smile at your face.
Think positively.
Spare time for painting.
Collect glittering stones with various colors. Arrange it according to your mood swings.
Have a note for each day to prepare a list of favorite persons into your life.
Count the blessings of your day to day life.
Never ever have regular habit of doing your day to day activities.

Each day must have more creative and unplanned way of sparing your leisure time.

Recipes using Almond Gum

Recipes using Almond Gum

Badam/Almond  gum is naturally extracted from almond tree.. It looks in dirty white colour.It is cheapest item...You may get it from departmental stores or any herbal product shops.
It is one of the food substance to cool the body heat as well solves the constipation problem.

Any drinks you prepare out of this gum...The following few steps are to be taken care...

1. Soak well  a spoon full of gum into a fresh water. Approximately Add 50 spoon full of water into it. After 6-7 hours the soaked gum becomes 6 times into its quantity.

2. Add boiled milk either hot/cold into this soaked gum.

3. May be added any one or few of the following syrups into it more more delicious.

4. May be added rose syrup/Badam Geer/nanaari syrup along with honey or sugar or jaggery.

5. May be added with ice creams.

6. May be added roasted  cashew nuts and kissmiss fruits or almonds into the drinks.

7. Finally you can mix with any combination of all the said ingredients into almond gu…

Essential message for pregnant women

During the pregnancy food and diet is more important to alleviate constipation problem. It is always advised to add more fruits and fresh vegetables. Add more green leaves.

Badam Gum - This is a type of gum in white colour taken from badam tree. Along with badam gum it is advised to have it with milk and honey to cool the body as well avoid the constipation.

During pregnancy time constipation is very dangerous.
Constipation leads to certain disorders in babies growth.

That may give shiver effect to defect in babies physical/mental growth.

Constipation may cause the dangerous problem towards babies intelligence Quotient.

In the next article I will give you more recipes using Badam Gum.

Regular Health Mistakes


Do you feel tired while getting up in the morning because of not having proper sleep in the previous night? Not able to give your best at work because you feel too lethargic? Always feel tired? Suffering from low libido? Always having body aches? If you have any of these symptoms, it means your health is under very serious threat. Because today’s occupational demands, unhealthy food habits and uncontrolled lifestyles create havoc with both body and mind. And modern medicine systems seem to have no answers to these problems.
Traditional Indian Herbal Oil Body Massage (Oil Massage) Don’t wait to go and see a doctor or nearest hospital. Call Mr.S.Karuna, Door to Door service and as well as Center Facility available for oil massage at attractive prices ! Check out more details on this article. Traditional Indian medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Siddha that date back to 5,000 years were referenced in the writings of Homer, Socrates and P…