Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, blessing money can't buy.

January 11, 2013

Prevention is better than Cure

Now the medical practitioner not sufficiently gained knowledge about not Preventing from the disease than Curing the disease.

Whereas, alternative medicines such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda and siddha have got the power of Preventing the disease as well curing the disease. Alternative medicine system have got the more awareness among the people right from 1990's. It is very pity that though alternative medicine system have got more power in it among the public only the few people utilizes the benefits.

This system does have only simplest step with the cheapest cost. But when you practice  this system you must have  more confidence and positivity till the cure from the disease.

Do’s and Don't Do's to follow the alternative medicine system:
1. Regular Exercise minimum 30 Minutes -1 Hour [Exercise/Yoga/Walking]
2. Diet Conscious and Nutrition Value
3. Body Weight Control
4. Avoid over use of smoking/Alcoholic/Tobacco products

In the next article, Lets see the tips to prevent from the diseases in Alternative Medicine System.
Keep Watching!!!!!

January 9, 2013

Tips to look young and energetic till the end of life


Each day when you get up from the bed smile for a while or laugh for a while without any reason!!!!! 

This gives a tremendous beauty on your face through out the day.

Each day spare your time with pets and plants.
Each day play with kids.
Each day read some books for your thoughts and emotions.
Each day spare some time with your loved one.
Each day spare time to laugh either cracking jokes or reading jokes.
Always have a smile at your face.
Think positively.
Spare time for painting.
Collect glittering stones with various colors. Arrange it according to your mood swings.
Have a note for each day to prepare a list of favorite persons into your life.
Count the blessings of your day to day life.
Never ever have regular habit of doing your day to day activities.

Each day must have more creative and unplanned way of sparing your leisure time.

Recipes using Almond Gum

Recipes using Almond Gum

Badam/Almond  gum is naturally extracted from almond tree.. It looks in dirty white colour.It is cheapest item...You may get it from departmental stores or any herbal product shops.
It is one of the food substance to cool the body heat as well solves the constipation problem.

Any drinks you prepare out of this gum...The following few steps are to be taken care...

1. Soak well  a spoon full of gum into a fresh water. Approximately Add 50 spoon full of water into it. After 6-7 hours the soaked gum becomes 6 times into its quantity.

2. Add boiled milk either hot/cold into this soaked gum.

3. May be added any one or few of the following syrups into it more more delicious.

4. May be added rose syrup/Badam Geer/nanaari syrup along with honey or sugar or jaggery.

5. May be added with ice creams.

6. May be added roasted  cashew nuts and kissmiss fruits or almonds into the drinks.

7. Finally you can mix with any combination of all the said ingredients into almond gum and milk.

8. Adding elachi powder into the drink may give more fragrance and tasty.

!!!!!! Friend's Try this once and share your feedback!!!!!!

Essential message for pregnant women

During the pregnancy food and diet is more important to alleviate constipation problem. It is always advised to add more fruits and fresh vegetables. Add more green leaves.

Badam Gum - This is a type of gum in white colour taken from badam tree. Along with badam gum it is advised to have it with milk and honey to cool the body as well avoid the constipation.

During pregnancy time constipation is very dangerous.
Constipation leads to certain disorders in babies growth.

That may give shiver effect to defect in babies physical/mental growth.

Constipation may cause the dangerous problem towards babies intelligence Quotient.

In the next article I will give you more recipes using Badam Gum.

January 8, 2013

Regular Health Mistakes

These are few
Regular Health Mistakes

All of us make little health mistakes that cause damage to our bodies in the long run, simply because we are unaware we are doing something wrong. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by many of us.

Crossing our legs
Do you cross your legs at your knees when sitting? Although we may believe that this is the lady-like elegant way to sit, sitting this way cuts down circulation to your legs. If you don"t want varicose veins to mar the beauty of your legs and compromise your health, uncross your legs every time you realise you have one knee on top of the other. The best way to sit is to simply place both legs together on the floor, balancing your weight equally. If you feel like changing position, instead of crossing your legs, simply move both legs together to one side. As an alternative, you could also consider crossing your legs loosely at the ankles. This is a classically elegant way to sit, and is far better for your legs and your health than sitting with your legs crossed at your knees.

Not changing our toothbrush and inner wares
How often do you change your toothbrush? Most of us wait until most of the bristles have either fallen off, or are in such bad shape that we"d be embarrassed to pull out our brush in public. However, since not many of us need to pull out our brush in public, we carry on with our frayed one until we lose it. Replace your toothbrush often. Damaged bristles can harm the enamel, and don"t massage your gums well. If you find brushing your teeth a pain like I do, but know you must do it, you might as well be doing it right. Imagine going through the annoyance of brushing your teeth twice a day only to find out that you"re damaging your enamel every time you clean your teeth. Also, use a brush with soft bristles unless your dentist has advised otherwise.

Eating out often
There are oils that are high in cholesterol, and oils that cause little harm and are better for your heart. However, no matter how light the oil is, it is never a good idea to eat too much of it. Avoid fried foods. Remember that in all probability your favourite Indian food restaurant throws a huge, HUGE chunk of butter in a tiny bowl of dal. Rita, who worked in the kitchen of a 5 star hotel, was shocked when she saw the cook chop a 500gm butter slab in half, and throw half into a Paneer Makhani dish. No wonder the customers left licking their fingers. And no wonder they felt so stuffed and heavy afterwards. Limit outdoor eating unless you know that you"re getting served light and healthy food.

Skipping breakfast
Never, ever skip breakfast. Remember, when you wake up in the morning it"s been around 10-12 hours since your last meal. Your body needs food now, more than at any other time. Eat a heavy breakfast. You will then be busy through the day, and the calories will get expended quickly. If you are trying to diet, eat a light dinner. Here are some more common health mistakes we make. Being informed and making a few changes can help make us feel a whole lot better.

High heels
High heels sure look great, but they're murder for your back. This however doesn't mean you should steer clear of stilettos. Wear them, but not when you know you will be walking around a lot. Wear them when going out for lunch or dinner - when the only walking you will be doing is to your car, to the table,
and back. Avoid high heels when you are going somewhere on foot. If you are constantly tempted to wear your heels, take a good look at your flats. Is there something about them you dislike? Invest in a new pair of beautiful flats or shoes with a low heel. Buy something you love, that you will enjoy wearing. If possible, get a matching bag. You will then enjoy your flats as much as you do your heels.

Sleeping on a soft bed
You don't have to sleep on the floor be kind to your back, but do make sure you have a firm mattress. Although a mattress on springs is soft and lovely to sink into, it's bad for your back. If you already have an old bed with springs, you don't need to invest in a new one - simply get a thick wooden plank put over the springs, and place the mattress on the plank. Similarly, if your mattress is old and lumpy, throw it out and get a new one. Your neck and your back will thank you. The same rule applies to sofas. If you will be spending hours on a sofa, get a firm yet comfortable one. Sofas you completely sink into are not the best idea.

No matter how comfortable sleeping with ten cushions is, have pity on your neck and resist. Sleep with one pillow, and make sure it is not too thick. If your pillow gets lumpy, discard it and go for a new one. Get a thin pillow if you sleep on your stomach, and something a little thicker if you sleep on your back, to give your neck adequate support.

Not exercising
So all of us know we should exercise more, but many of us don't. This is a health mistake we consciously make! And why is that? Simply because we refuse to admit the damage we are causing to our bodies by not working out. A number of people only start working out once they've experienced a warning signal. Don't wait for a heart attack to strike before you decide to opt for a lifestyle change. Make the change now. You don't need to train for the marathon to be in top shape. Half an hour of brisk walking three to four times a week will make a world of difference to your health. You could then increase this to forty minutes, four times a week - and you're all set. If you haven't exercised for a week, you're making a mistake.

Share a smile  and make the world a better place.

Learn from yesterday.

January 3, 2013



Do you feel tired while getting up in the morning because of not having proper sleep in the previous night? Not able to give your best at work because you feel too lethargic? Always feel tired? Suffering from low libido? Always having body aches? If you have any of these symptoms, it means your health is under very serious threat. Because today’s occupational demands, unhealthy food habits and uncontrolled lifestyles create havoc with both body and mind. And modern medicine systems seem to have no answers to these problems.

Traditional Indian Herbal Oil Body Massage (Oil Massage)
Don’t wait to go and see a doctor or nearest hospital. Call Mr.S.Karuna, Door to Door service and as well as Center Facility available for oil massage at attractive prices ! Check out more details on this article. Traditional Indian medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Siddha that date back to 5,000 years were referenced in the writings of Homer, Socrates and Plato, and are still standing strong because of their proven effectiveness in eliminating diseases right from the roots, rather than suppressing their symptoms. And one of the age old therapies that these systems recommend for holistic health and happiness is the Traditional Herbal Oil Body Massage.

Oil massages are not a new idea. Adding warm massage oil to the experience of a massage can be blissfully relaxing and wonderfully comforting, while it rejuvenates your mind and body. Not only does it enhance the relaxing nature of the massage, but it also aids in healing processes. The smooth gliding motion that a massage oil helps to achieve nourishes the skin and to dissolve accumulated toxins and stress, which promotes general good health.

Karuna’s Herbal Oil Body Massage and Health Counseling

Mr. S. Karuna is an expert Body Masseur and Health Counselor who specializes in Traditional Herbal Oil Body Massage. Karuna caters to only male clients. His knowledge has been passed on from his ancestors who too were experts and highly successful at this traditional system of medicine. His complete body massage relieves pains, aches, body heat, tiredness and stress, and immediately rejuvenates the body. It ensures complete health and happiness, without having to have expensive medicines or make visits to costly doctors and hospitals.

The best time for the Herbal Oil Body Massage would be early morning, when the stomach is half full. It is delivered in eight stages, and the entire massage takes between 2-3 hours, leaving you feeling ready for that 24x7x364 marathon.For the Body Massage, Karuna uses herbal, Siddha and Ayurveda based Oils that he prepares himself using thousands of years old secret formulations and processes. These oils are prepared with herbs like vettiver, nannari, ponnanganni, karisilankanny, neem leaves, kasturi manjal, curry leaves, aavaarampoo, aavaaram elai, aamaiodu thailam, santhanadi thailam, pinda oil, pachhai karpooram, gignger, pepper and other herbs.  

A unique oil is used for the Head Massage. Likewise, different oils are used for massaging theJointsUpper limbsLower LimbsMuscles, and for Sprains and conditions such as Arthritisand Rheumatism. For the Facial Massage, Karuna uses a paste that contains, among other herbs, red sandalwood powder, sandal powder, and rose water. This cleanses the skin, gives it tone and makes it supple, and adds luster to the face. At the end of the facial, the skin comes out glowing and alive, and stays that way.

And that’s not all. Karuna also supplies a Herbal Bathing Powder which, when used regularly, freshens the body, rejuvenates the skin, removes bad odors, improves skin tone and complexion, and prevents and cures skin diseases such as psoriasispimples and dark marks within a very short time.

Again, Karuna himself and his colleagues prepares this herbal bathing powder using more than 35 herbs and natural ingredients such as shikakai powder, arappu, thulasi powder, neem powder, semparuthi elai, semparuthi poo, aawaram elai, aawaram poo, vettiver, rosapoo, nannari, multani mitti, red sandal wood powder, sandalwood powder, kasturi manjal, poolangkilangu, kadukkai, karisilankanni, ponnankanni, maasikkai, nellikkai, vendhaya powder, green gram flour, kariveppilai powder, naaval kottai powder, kungilyam, semparuthi elai, semparuthi poo, marudhani powder, usilai ilai powder, jatamansi powder, boondhi kottai, elimichai thol powder, dhoop and other herbs. After the bath, Karuna uses the Smoke of kunguliam, Sambrani and few more herbs to dry the hair and the head. This gives the hair body and strength, and promotes hair growth. It also helps fight water retention, and clears the air passages.

For the facial massage, he applies a natural Herbal Perfumed Cream that contains attar, javvadhu, kasturi manjal, among other herbs. You can easily perceive the healthy difference between the natural perfume, when compared with the usually expensive, toxic, and synthetic perfumes you find in the market which are not only unhealthy but also pollute the atmosphere. Karuna also provides a Powder for Internal Consumption, which contains honey, thiripalathi, thirikadugu, nellikkai, nannari, vetriver and other herbs. This powder reconditions the body from the inside, removes toxins, improves joint lubrication, and provides overall health to the body

An Inexpensive Investment in Total Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health

Karuna’s Traditional Herbal Oil Body Massage is highly recommended for all people, especially for those who lead stressful and physically demanding lifestyles, or who are suffering from conditions such as skin diseases, arthritis or rheumatism. However, it is equally good for those who just want to be healthy and happy, both from inside and outside. Now just dial +91-9019023581 and avail this service at various prices ranging from Rs. 450 – Rs 750 per session. It is available in various packages and customization options are also available for the   massage. Mr.S.Karuna, a person who already had a vast experience in Oil Massage in various Tier 2 and 3 cities. Based on your lifestyle, Karuna can also provides Counseling on how to stay healthy naturally, without the use of unnecessary medication, and gives tips on naturally healthy food and living habits, including de-addiction and other social maladies. Along with these benefits, for those who need medical or spiritual intervention, Karuna is also associated with, and can guide you to several well known traditional medicine practitioners, highly experienced spiritual advisers, sensitive counsellor, and some great astrologers who can look into all dimensions of your life, change its entire path, and take you on the way to total mental, spiritual, physical wellness, success and prosperity.

Massage oil and herbal bathing powder are made ready available based on the customer request only. Hence please book your slots in advance so as to avoid hassle free massage.

Book Slot in advance through phone or email:,
E Booking facility under maintenance and shall be resumed soon. Only Serious enquiries!!
Call anytime between 8 a.m to 8 p.m. 

A Simple Home Medicine to Cure All Sort of Disorders

This article guides you to prepare natural home medicine to cure many sort of disorders and discomforts like indigestion,  gastritis, acid...