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October 4, 2011

Is Salt - Wrong???

 Is Salt - Wrong???  Yes Of Course. But Roasted Salt Helps Us.

 How to Roast a Salt.
Buy a coarse salt. Put it into pan. Warm up continuously, When the heat is raised up to 103 Degree Celsius salt starts cracking. When it starts cracking be safe, be little away from pan. Use long Spoon to roast a salt. When the salt is roasted there is sort of chemical reaction starts to break the atom bond. This helps to digest the food easily. More importantly it eradicates the poisonousness(oil) in a salt.
Advantages of Roasted Salt
It prevents/Cures the Blood Pressure.
It safeguards from the damage of Kidney, and various diseases associated with kidney. 
It relives from constipation and Piles.
It relives from Breath Sofocation.
It relieves from body Swelling.
It relives from (Herniya | Kudalirakkam | Stomach Problem)
It relieves from certain eye diseases.

  "Roasted Salt improves the glooming of the body and Improves  Total appearance of The One"

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