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October 22, 2011

Beware of Toothpastes Having Fluoride

We can see many branded toothpastes having fluoride these days. No doubt fluoride cleans your mouth really well but we have to know its other side. Statistically, people working in departments that handle fluoride are having infertility problems. Fluoride destroys cells in uterus and cells in testes. So think about ingesting it in your body.

Recently, Dharmapuri region under-ground water is detected with significant amounts of fluoride and it is linked with various health complications prevalent in the region. So government obtained a loan from World Bank and started the ‘Hogenakkal Comprehensive Water Supply Scheme’ bringing water from river Caveri to end this endemic problem. I hope you will think twice before fluoride intake.

Okay. I know what you are thinking that ‘Brushing is not intake’. But your taste buds absorb what you put in your mouth. If you couldn’t believe this, consider this situation. You get tired when you are hungry. But you get energy the minute you start eating and not after complete digestion. That’s because your taste buds absorb some portion of the

Want to read about fluoride bad effects read this..

If you want to read more about Dharmapuri problem these links might help.

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