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September 16, 2011

Will Siddha Medicines Affect / Damage Kidneys?

Will Siddha Medicines Affect / Damage Kidneys?
The notion that siddha medications can affect kidney is prevalent in our society in recent decades. If you understand how your organs work, you can answer this with your common sense.
Anything you eat travels your Gastro-Intestinal track. Food goes down your food pipe, stomach, small intestine (where nutrition gets absorbed) and then large intestine (from where ‘waste disposal’ process starts). So there is no way, your kidney can get affected BECAUSE the medicines do not go through kidney.
Moreover, siddha medications are prepared in accordance with the 5 major elements (‘panchaboothams’ in tamil) and thus won’t affect any organ for that matter.

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  1. Dear Jo

    That is a poor response from anyone who knows anything about Siddha medicine/treatment. Body is a system where various systems work together. Siddha treatment/Ayurveda are sciences that understand this more than any other science. Going by your logic, the Sidha medicine should not do any good to Kidney or any other organ as well, since the track still remains pipe, stomach, small intestine and then large intestine. So the only organs it would impact would be the once that are in the digestive system. Having said that, I am in no way saying that Sidha medicine would be harmful to the kidneys. But I am definetely not convinced by your logic.


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