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Techniques To Overcome Sorts of Negative Emotions

The following are the few steps which is foremost required to overcome sort negative emotions:
1. Avoid Watching TV [Read more books]
2. Avoid Being alone [Be with friends]
3. Avoid Comparisons [Be Satisfaction always with what you have]
4. Avoid rigidness [Be flexible]
5. Avoid Ignorance [Gain More Knowledge]

Anger can be overcome by  
  • Laughing continuously for 5-10 minutes while getting up from the bed
  • Doing Meditation
  • Sound sleep 
Fear can be overcome by
  • Sense of Humour, 
  • Easy going
  • Mingling well
  • Social Services
  • Being Good to everyone 
  • DoingMeditation
  • Visiting Temples
  • Pilgrimage Trip
  • Gardening
  • Positive Thinking,

Worries can be overcome by 
  • Meditation
  • Helping tendency
  • Making lot of Friends
  • Maintaining the Life balance between expectations and reality
  • concentration towards goals

Sorrows can be overcome by   
  • Meditation
  • loving each one
  • more prayer
  • helping tendency

Lack of Self confidence can be overcome by  
  • Meditation
  • enriching knowledge
  • feeling connected with God/Universe
  • Reading Good Books



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