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September 17, 2011

Siddha Versus Ayurveda - Know The Difference

Siddha Versus Ayurveda
Many are not able distinguish between Siddha and Ayurveda treatments. They think Siddha, Ayurveda or any herbal treatments are same and use these terms interchangeably. But in actual, there is a world of difference.

The basic philosophy behind Siddha treatment system is “ventha marunthu vinnai theerkum” which roughly translates to “Cooked medicine eradicates ailments / turmoils”. Siddha medications are all treated in different ways in fire (Agni).This process is called ‘pudam podarathu’ in tamil. But Ayurvedic medications do not follow any such constraint. Some of them are given in its raw form. So Ayurvedic medications are ‘pudum poodatha marunthu’- Need not have been treated in fire.
Ayurvedam is a tamil word which means ‘veda for long life’ (‘Ayulai neeti seivatharkana veedam’ in tamil). Lanka king Raavanan created this vedam. But these concepts will form only one branch in Siddha treatment system. Siddha is very vast. So, from a patient point of view, we can simply state that Ayurveda is a Branch of Siddha.
Morever, Siddha treatment is complete or all-inclusive treatment system (mudivana treatment in tamil). It means, ‘There is nothing more to include in this treatment’. Every problem is considered and solution is provided. These days, many modern ailments are found and named everyday. But Siddha doctors swear that there are only 4448 diseases and any ailment should come under these already listed (i.e, the symptoms may show it as new ailment but in actual the cause would come under this list). This shows the depth of the knowledge of our siddhars and their understanding of our human body.

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