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Secrets Behind Of Wearing Various Jewels by Indian Traditions

Secrets Behind Of Wearing  Various Jewels byTamilian Traditions

There is a reason behind every jewel worn traditionally in Tamilnadu. They were not worn to just show status. In the old heritage Varma (Recent Days Named as Acu Touch and / or Acu Pressure) points for various organs are only selected as jewel wearing areas in our body. The jewel type and corresponding organ benefited are listed below.

Earrings ------------- Kidney, Uterus

Nose ring ------------ Brain

Anklets -------------- Liver, Uterus, triple-warmer (the organ which maintains your temperature to be 98.7F/37 Degree Celsius irrespective of what your environment is), large intestine and lower abdomen

Toe rings------------- Uterus

Bangles--------------- Lungs

Wedding Necklace / Mangal Sutra / Thaali(Yellow Color Sacred Thread) -------- Heart

Ring (Right hand ring finger)------------ liver

Ring (Left hand ring finger) ------------- Pancreas

More Information:

1. Most Tamilians usually tie religious or sacred thread near their wrist. That is also for same reason as it’s the point for lungs.

2. Some people wear toe rings in two toes. It is not necessary because only the toe next to big toe will benefit our Uterus.

3. There is no use of anklets being very loose and lying below Tibia bone protrusion in your ankle kanukal in Tamil) is useless. It should be fit little above your anklet and most importantly it should be able to move up and down gently. It is very very important that it moves slightly up and down while walking because there are lots of Acu - Pressure or Acu - Stimulation points around that area.

4. NEVER wear nose ring with diamond. It is not at all good for your eyes since it constantly receives refracted and reflected light due to that diamond. Any other stone is fine.

5. Mangal sutra is constantly touching the skin above the heart (It is called Anogatham in tamil). It helps to maintain healthy heart and blood pressure. Red coral (Pavazhalam in tamil) is used in Thaali or mangal sutra because it does a excellent job of maintaining healthy blood pressure. Some people doubt whether it can be used by all as the coral has astrological powers. Everyone can use and benefit from it. It won’t harm anyone.

6. We use traditional jewels both in silver and gold. Both has its meaning.

    1. Silver increases your life span. Astrologically it is related to planet Venus (Sukran in tamil.)
    2. Gold gives energy and prevents ailments. Astrologically, it is related to planet Jupiter (Guru / prakaspathi).


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