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September 29, 2011

Newton's Third Law Is Almost Equal To Nature's Law

"For Every Action There is An Equal And Opposite Reaction"
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Today the topic which I touch upon is a very serious issue happening around us. 
Let us all "Be courteous " towards Somalia country people. Its really pinches my heart and cries for each and every soul who suffer a lot and lot due Drought and Famine. Let us stop racism and color discrimination. It's all nature's creation. Each and every one of us not sure about where we are before we born to Mother Earth. As well we are not sure about where we will be at the end this birth. The things which we possess like Beauty, Color, Richness, Power, Qualification, Status of Birth, Designation, Intelligence and Fame are all given as a gift to us by nature. If anyone could watch the movie in Tamil Language "Naan Kadavul" [I am God] will come to know the real meaning of life and its value. 
Nothing we have brought when we born
Nothing we can take when we die

But still it is possible to do lot and lot of wonders when we live. Please be humble and kind towards Somalians. Radiate peace.
Stop killing and harassing the same species  in the  nature's creation.
Its easy to kill any living being but it is tough to create. Let us radiate Empathy and Love towards each Living Being. 
At least let us all raise the prayer for each Soul who suffers for life and freedom at Somalia. Prayer is always powerful.
I pen this with tears. 

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