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September 28, 2011

Natural High Protein Foods

Natural High Protein Foods

1. High Protein Drink
Grind 10 Banana florets with country-sugar (Tamil name: karupatti) and little water in food processor/ mixer-grinder and filter. The juice obtained is has rich proteins.

NOTE: Cleansing process for banana flower – Remove the white film and thick stem inside each floret because it cannot be cooked or digested.

2. Protein Rich Powder
Take all grains in Navadhaniam except wheat. Grind all 8 grains and sift the powder. Dissolve in hot water and make like a tea. It’s a good protein drink.

3. Very-Good Protein Food
Banana flower Vada (Vaazhaipoo Vadai) made in ghee is excellent protein food.

Avoid ready made foods like soup mix, health drinks, protein shakes or tablets and increase naturally protein rich foods. It’s good for your body.

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