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September 9, 2011

Escape From Mosquito Bite

Do you know why mosquito bites us?
Its simple!!!
Most female mosquitoes have to feed on an animal and get a sufficient blood meal before she can develop eggs. If they do not get this blood meal, then they will die without laying viable eggs. However, some species of mosquitoes have developed the means to lay viable eggs without getting a blood meal. 
To lay an egg mosquito needs more protein.
So it bites us and sucks the blood for protein consumption.

Many of us terribly irritated by mosquito biting.
Normally How would you escape from this problem?

Using Branded Liquidators and Mosquito Coils...  Am I right!!

Usage of  these all are more dangerous to human health...Beware of it!!!
Almost its equivalent to slow poison!!!!
There are many diseases caused by usage of these liquidators and coils..Which are all not even able to predicted by doctors and there is no cure for it...

Please safeguard your health from toxicated products.

Are you curious to know the best tips to escape from mosquito bite???
Yes here are the tips!!!

1. Use white cloths.
2. Apply little sesame/gingelly oil to legs, hands,face and neck.
3. Use Mosquito Bat
4. Take the following two items
    I) Botanical Name : Acorus Calamuc
       English Name : Sweet Flag
       Tamil Name : Vasambu powder 
    II) Orange fruit skin powder. 
    III) Mix it well.
    IV) Burn this powder.
5. Keep the environment and dresses clean and neat.

The smoke comes out of it banishes the mosquito.

"If any one inhales the smoke its good for health also as well protection from mosquito"

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