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September 24, 2011

Are you suffer from body pain..Here is the simple Solution

Are you suffer from body pain..Here is the simple Solution

The following home medication alleviates, Low BP, Giddiness, Tiredness,Body Pain, Body Ache, Dullness, Laziness and Tension.
There are certain situations makes us to feel tensed. Due to tension he/she may burst out, or addicted to smoking habit or tempted to eat more food or feel to drinking more tea.

The above said problems can be cured with this simple medicine.

  1. Take Tamarind fruit little probably 15grams. Soak it into water squeeze and filter it. Prepare 250ml of essence out of it.
  2. Add Jaggery 
  3. Add Dry Ginger Powder
  4. Add 10 drops of lemon essence
  5. Add coriander leaves or coriander seeds  
All the above said ingredients to be boiled for about 15 minutes. Have this medicated/health drink to come out of tiredness and tension.

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