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Newton's Third Law Is Almost Equal To Nature's Law

"For Every Action There is An Equal And Opposite Reaction" Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Today the topic which I touch upon is a very serious issue happening around us.  Let us all "Be courteous " towards Somalia country people. Its really pinches my heart and cries for each and every soul who suffer a lot and lot due Drought and Famine.Let us stopracism and color discrimination. It's all nature's creation. Each and every one of us not sure about where we are before we born to Mother Earth. As well we are not sure about where we will be at the end this birth. The things which we possess like Beauty, Color, Richness, Power, Qualification, Status of Birth, Designation, Intelligence and Fame are all given as a gift to us by nature. If anyone could watch the movie in Tamil Language "Naan Kadavul" [I am God] will come to know the real meaning of life and its value.  Nothing we have brought when we born Nothing we can take when we die
But still it is possib…

Interesting Tidbit About Wedding Occasion


Interesting Tidbit – Wedding:
In Tamilnadu wedding Culture, it is usual where the couple is shown a star called ‘Arunthathi’ and asked to pray for blessings. In actual, it is not a star but the ‘Sun’ itself. Yes, ‘Arunthathi’ is another name for Sun. Since the Sun is basic provider of life, the couple makes the promise in presence of Sun god.
And why three knots are used  to tie the Yellow Sacred Thread (mangalya) is to accept the  new wedding life through soul, body and mind.

Amritham / Ambrosia

Amritham / Ambrosia
Honey, milk and panchamritham (special fruit salad given as ‘prasadham’ / ‘Oblation to diety’ in temples) are considered Amritham / Ambrosia in Siddha system. Increase the intake of these items. But don’t take milk and honey together though as it is not good for your health.
NOTE: In hindu mythology, Amirtham is considered food that provides immortality. Similarly, in Greek & Roman mythology, Ambrosia is food that provides immortality. I used these terms alternatively here so that many can understand.

Natural High Protein Foods

Natural High Protein Foods
1. High Protein Drink Grind 10 Banana florets with country-sugar (Tamil name: karupatti) and little water in food processor/ mixer-grinder and filter. The juice obtained is has rich proteins.
NOTE: Cleansing process for banana flower – Remove the white film and thick stem inside each floret because it cannot be cooked or digested.
2. Protein Rich Powder Take all grains in Navadhaniam except wheat. Grind all 8 grains and sift the powder. Dissolve in hot water and make like a tea. It’s a good protein drink.
3. Very-Good Protein Food Banana flower Vada (Vaazhaipoo Vadai) made in ghee is excellent protein food.
Avoid ready made foods like soup mix, health drinks, protein shakes or tablets and increase naturally protein rich foods. It’s good for your body.

Secrets Behind Of Wearing Various Jewels by Indian Traditions

Secrets Behind Of Wearing  Various Jewels byTamilian Traditions
There is a reason behind every jewel worn traditionally in Tamilnadu. They were not worn to just show status. In the old heritage Varma (Recent Days Named as Acu Touch and / or Acu Pressure) points for various organs are only selected as jewel wearing areas in our body. The jewel type and corresponding organ benefited are listed below.
Earrings ------------- Kidney, Uterus
Nose ring ------------ Brain
Anklets -------------- Liver, Uterus, triple-warmer (the organ which maintains your temperature to be 98.7F/37 Degree Celsius irrespective of what your environment is), large intestine and lower abdomen
Toe rings------------- Uterus
Bangles--------------- Lungs
Wedding Necklace / Mangal Sutra / Thaali(Yellow Color Sacred Thread) -------- Heart
Ring (Right hand ring finger)------------ liver
Ring (Left hand ring finger) ------------- Pancreas
More Information:
1. Most Tamilians usually tie religious or sacred th…

More Tips for Looking Beautiful?

More Tips for Looking Beautiful?
Eat Saffron Flower along with turmeric powder in the night for body shining and glooming.
 Eat the following herbal flower into your food more frequently in any form.  [Botanical Name : Cassia Auriculata Linn  
English Name : Awal
Hindi Name : Tarwar
Tamil Name : Aaavarai ]  Take bath with the following herbal leaves frequently
           [Botanical Name : Lawsonia Inermis
           Hindi Name : Meganthi Leaves
           Tamil Name : Maruthaani or Maruthondri]

Do you want to have bright and beautiful face???

Do you want to have bright and beautiful face???
Potato does this magic easily !!!!
Take fresh potato.

Cut it into pieces.
Smash it using mixi.
Apply this smashed potato on to face, hands and neck.
Leave it for half an hour.
Go for Wash.
"Do it often, your face will be glooming as well looks soft."

Are you suffer from body pain..Here is the simple Solution

Are you suffer from body pain..Here is the simple Solution

The following home medication alleviates, Low BP, Giddiness, Tiredness,Body Pain, Body Ache, Dullness, Laziness and Tension.
There are certain situations makes us to feel tensed. Due to tension he/she may burst out, or addicted to smoking habit or tempted to eat more food or feel to drinking more tea.

The above said problems can be cured with this simple medicine.

Take Tamarind fruit little probably 15grams. Soak it into water squeeze and filter it. Prepare 250ml of essence out of it.Add Jaggery Add Dry Ginger PowderAdd 10 drops of lemon essenceAdd coriander leaves or coriander seeds   All the above said ingredients to be boiled for about 15 minutes. Have this medicated/health drink to come out of tiredness and tension.

Merits Of Vegetarian Food

Merits Of Vegetarian Food
Every Plant has one sense but it provides food, cloth and shelter to all the higher sense beings. Plants are the only living being have got a connection with space and earth. It consumes its own food energy from space as well an earth. From space it take photons in the form of light as well magnetic forces. Whereas from earth it takes lot of valuable minerals,Nobel liquids,metals, mercury.  Earth is a composition of several entities. From the layer of Mental core, earth emits lot of precious gases and various metals. These metals can not even taken out by our modern scientific methods. But it is surprised and miraculous, plants sucks these all and convert it into various form of flowers, nuts, vegetable, roots, stems and leaves.
Now the question starts... Why we should eat non vegetarian food???Is it required?? First of all human digestion system not meant to digest and absorb non vegetarian food particles. Second thing, When an animal is cut into pieces i…

Prevention From Dental Issues

Prevention From Dental Issues

Add little honey into warm water. Before bed time gargle with this solution to prevent from various dental issues and tooth issues.

Simple Tip To Get Rid Of The Smoking Habit

Please avoid smoking and live healthy.
 Here is the simplest but powerful home remedy to come out of this bad habit.

Early morning in the empty stomach take 30ml of mint juice without adding sugar continuously for 40 days to come out of the smoking habit.

Safeguard your lungs and heart.

Avoid Iodized Salt

Avoid Iodized Salt

Most of the Vegetables,Fruits, Nuts and Green Leaves has rich content of Iodine. The amount which is present in it is more than sufficient to our body.

More Consumption of Iodizes salt leads to the following problems:
Hypo and Hyper Thyroid
Spleen Enlargement
Breast Cancer
Deficiency of White Blood Cells
Renell Failure
Vomiting Sensation
Gastric Pain
Blueish Nails and tooth
Tooth Cavity

Iodized salt is banned by WHO-World Health Organization
And also banned by many countries like Italy, England, America, Germany and France

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Fiber Rich Foods

Vathals / Dried Vegtables Naturally Fiber Rich
We all know vegetables are fiber rich but dehydrated or dry vegetables like vathals have lot more fiber. For tasty preparation,   Chop the vegetables into pieces. Soak the  chopped pieces into butter mil. Leave it for 12 hours. Make this soaked pieces under the sunlight to dry.This way of preparation makes more tastier.
So celebrate them as equally as to vegetables. Vathals can be made out of many vegetables. Few things I remember, Cluster Beans / Kothavarangai Sundaikai / Solanum torvum (Turkey berry) Mangai / Unripe mangoKovakai / Ivy Gourd Maavadu or Young Mango Brinjal / Indian EggplantManathakali / Sukiti / Sunberry / wonder cherry /black night.Ladies Finger Green ChillyBitter Guard  etc" Adding more dry vegetables into our daily food solves constipation problem very easily."

Should America Pinpoint this?

Cluster Beans Reduces Diabetic Level

A research article published recently in America showed that cluster beans reduces diabetic level significantly. Cluster beans / kothavaranthai in Tamil has its origin in India and has been cultivated and utilized from time immemorial. But a country which borrowed seeds in last century has found this. We should know our wealth.

Not So Friendly For Your Kidney

After seeing our Super Star Rajinikanth's suffering, we should be conscious of our food habits that might affect our kidney health. Foods that are not so friendly for our kidney Baked food itemsDosai (Rice and Urud Dhal Pancakes) – they retain more salt than idly. That’s one reason they are tastier than idly.WheatGroundnut These items produce more salt and hence are not good for kidneys.
Most importantly avoid adding salt while cooking rice. It may increase taste for now but this will lead to kidney failure later.

Siddha Versus Ayurveda - Know The Difference

Siddha Versus Ayurveda Many are not able distinguish between Siddha and Ayurveda treatments. They think Siddha, Ayurveda or any herbal treatments are same and use these terms interchangeably. But in actual, there is a world of difference.
The basic philosophy behind Siddha treatment system is “ventha marunthu vinnai theerkum” which roughly translates to “Cooked medicine eradicates ailments / turmoils”. Siddha medications are all treated in different ways in fire (Agni).This process is called ‘pudam podarathu’ in tamil. But Ayurvedic medications do not follow any such constraint. Some of them are given in its raw form. So Ayurvedic medications are ‘pudum poodatha marunthu’- Need not have been treated in fire. Ayurvedam is a tamil word which means ‘veda for long life’ (‘Ayulai neeti seivatharkana veedam’ in tamil). Lanka king Raavanan created this vedam. But these concepts will form only one branch in Siddha treatment system. Siddha is very vast. So, from a patient point of view, we…

Will Siddha Medicines Affect / Damage Kidneys?

Will Siddha Medicines Affect / Damage Kidneys? The notion that siddha medications can affect kidney is prevalent in our society in recent decades. If you understand how your organs work, you can answer this with your common sense. Anything you eat travels your Gastro-Intestinal track. Food goes down your food pipe, stomach, small intestine (where nutrition gets absorbed) and then large intestine (from where ‘waste disposal’ process starts). So there is no way, your kidney can get affected BECAUSE the medicines do not go through kidney. Moreover, siddha medications are prepared in accordance with the 5 major elements (‘panchaboothams’ in tamil) and thus won’t affect any organ for that matter.

Building Construction – The Science Behind It

As the earth rotates from west to east, a force is created and its direction is from North-east to South-west (just like centrifugal force and centripetal force, the opposite force for this rotation). In simple terms, just like newton's third law states every force has equal and opposite force. Utilization of this force/energy properly will provide good effect on our life and health. The arrangement of doors and windows in your house should ensure proper flow of this energy from North-east to South-west(i.e., no blockage).
Vaasthu is derived from word ‘vasthu’ which means air (kaatru sakthi in tamil). If you know basics of vaasthu, you would know North-west is corner for air (air movement or kaartrotam in tamil). So ensure air flows from North-west to South-east (again no blockage). Also, consider enough sunlight entering your house (especially morning sun). Particular problems in vaasthu create corresponding diseases in humans.

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A Simple Treatment For Foot Cracks

A Simple treatment for foot cracks

 Take a sea shore shell as shown in the picture. Dip this into fresh lemon essence. Soon shell will dissolve into this essence.Later add little butter into the above said solution. Mix Well.Apply this essence for the foot cracks. Foot crack surely will get cured.

Directions and Sleep --> Health + Longevity

Directions and Sleep -> health + longevity If you are a south indian, most likely you might have noticed elders giving importance to the direction in which they sleep. Nowadays, the younger generation goes with the direction in which the cot & bed fits their bedroom. So which direction is good?

which direction is good?
Different families suggest different directions as best direction for your head while lying down as they were following what their ancestors did. But all of them agree on avoiding north. After learning the reason, i understood the philosophy behind it and sharing the same here.
Do not sleep in North-South direction as the earth revolution causes a longitudinal effect and it is against body's normal functioning. So sleep in East-West direction.  Click Here for More

Ethics of Our life

Enlighten your soul Enrich your knowledge Enhance your qualities Exercise your physic Elongate your behavior Energize your thoughts Equip your mind Envision your future Encourage your talents Emit your potential Enroll your ideas Enlarge your goals Etiquette your attitude Endeavor your objectives Emphasize the truth Eschew your worries and sorrows Empower your wealth Entertain your surroundings Enjoy your life each and every moment Erase your ego Evacuate your negative ness Engross in your duty Eradicate your darkness Eloquent your speech Endorse positive faith Escape from illusions of life Exchange your soul with God Escort the Universe.

Home Remedy for Cold and Cough

‘Nose block / cold / cough /suffocated breathing / disturbances in the throat due to cold / throat pain ‘.

1. Take fresh Brinjal (Indian eggplant) and crush it using mixer / Juicer.
Use 30 ml of juice.
2. Take one tea spoon of the following medicinal powder.
[Botanical Name : Terminalia Chebula retz
English Name : Int Nut,Chebulie
Tamil Name : Kadukkai]
Boil it and take 30 ml.
3. Add 15 ml of honey to the above said 60 ml preparation.

Have this medicated drink to alleviate the common cold symptoms.

Simple and effective Medicine for Primary level fire wound

Burns - One thing that
scares many from learning
to cook. When novice,
everyone suffers from these
accidental incidents. And
the experienced are not
spared, once in a while, too.
If the burn is in primary
level...Here is a simple and
effective cure.

1. Take fresh coconut pieces add few drops of water to it.
2. Grind well.
3. Squeeze and take the essence (just with your hand or use a muslin cloth).
4. Apply the coconut milk to the affected area.

Simple and effective Medicine For Cough

Best Medicine for Cough Cure
Take equal amount of aloe vera, jaggery and ghee.
Mix well.
Take three times a day before food.

Home Remedy Appetizer - Digestive Medicine

Cure for Appetizer - Digestive Medicine

Take equal part of the follwoing items:
1. Dry Ginger
2. Pepper
3. Cardamom Seed/Elachi
4. Cumin Seeds/Jeera
5. Long Pepper/Piper Longum Linn/ Thipilli

Make a powder out of it.
Drink with hot water/direct consumption of one tea spoon three times a day before food.

Know More About Wisdom Tooth

Anybody wants to know more about Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom tooth normally will sprout out between the age 20 - 36.
There are four tooth will be growing within this period.

By that time he/she feels more paining.

A home remedy to manage the pain is:
one should gargle with salt water.

Escape From Mosquito Bite

Do you know why mosquito bites us?
Its simple!!!
Most female mosquitoes have to feed on an animal and get a sufficient blood meal before she can develop eggs. If they do not get this blood meal, then they will die without laying viable eggs. However, some species of mosquitoes have developed the means to lay viable eggs without getting a blood meal. 
To lay an egg mosquito needs more protein.
So it bites us and sucks the blood for protein consumption.

Many of us terribly irritated by mosquito biting.
Normally How would you escape from this problem?

Using Branded Liquidators and Mosquito Coils...  Am I right!!

Usage of  these all are more dangerous to human health...Beware of it!!!
Almost its equivalent to slow poison!!!!
There are many diseases caused by usage of these liquidators and coils..Which are all not even able to predicted by doctors and there is no cure for it...

Please safeguard your health from toxicated products.

Are you curious to know the best tips to escape f…

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The present era is called Computer and Web Era.
World Wide Web makes us to feel that we are Globalist.

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Techniques To Overcome Sorts of Negative Emotions

The following are the few steps which is foremost required to overcome sort negative emotions: 1. Avoid Watching TV [Read more books] 2. Avoid Being alone [Be with friends] 3. Avoid Comparisons [Be Satisfaction always with what you have] 4. Avoid rigidness [Be flexible] 5. Avoid Ignorance [Gain More Knowledge]
Anger can be overcome by   Laughing continuously for 5-10 minutes while getting up from the bed Doing MeditationSound sleep Fear can be overcome by
Sense of Humour, Easy going Mingling well Social Services Being Good to everyone DoingMeditationVisiting TemplesPilgrimage TripGardeningPositive Thinking,
Worries can be overcome by 
MeditationHelping tendencyMaking lot of FriendsMaintaining the Life balance between expectations and realityconcentration towards goals
Sorrows can be overcome by    Meditationloving each one more prayer helping tendency
Lack of Self confidence can be overcome by   Meditation enriching knowledge feeling connected with God/Universe Reading Good Books

For Eczema And Fungal Infection

A miraculous medicine for Eczema and Fungal Infection, without steroids and creams. [More Steroid Consumption is danger to health!!!]

1. Take dry ginger,
2. Add the following items in equal proportion:
3.  Botanical Name : Aristolochaia Bractiata
     Tamil Name : Aadutheendapalai
     Botanical Name : Berberis Aristata
     Tamil Name : Kasturi Manjal
4. Grind well using all the above three items.

"Eat this medicine After food  2 grams for effective results"

Assured Remedy For Hair Loss

Beautiful-Hair-Tips - Hair Care Medicine
1. Take  25 ml of the following oil into a vessel

Botanical Name of the plant : Pongamia glabra Vent/Ponga Pinniate seed oil
English Name of the plant : Indian Beach seed oilT Tamil Name of the plant : Punga maram seed oil/Ennai

2. Add quick lime water into the oil.
3. Stir Well.
4. Apply to the scalp.
5. Leave it for half an hour.
6. Take a hair wash.

" An assured and guaranteed solution to arrest the hair fall / hair loss."

A Tasty Health Drink prepared with grapes

1. Wash 250 grams of fresh black grapes.
2. Crush it using juicer/mixer grinder.
3. Add Butter to it.
4. Stir Well.

"This tasty health drink relieves constipation problem"

A very tasty Supper

1. Cut raw cucumber into pieces.
2. Prepare a powder using fried gram flour, pepper and salt using mixer / spoon.
3. Apply this powder to pieces before eating.

"A very very tasty and healthy dish is ready "

For sure, one cannot stop eating this. YUMMY!!

Delicious Snacks item

A Simple and easy preparation For bachelor's and hostelers especially.

With raw sprouted green gram we could prepare lot of healthy snacks for our supper.

1. Take bowl full of raw sprouted green grams, Add honey into it
Now Sweet dish is ready.

2. Take bowl full of raw sprouted green grams, add little pepper powder, pinch of salt and little lemon essence.
Now another dish is ready.

3. Take bowl full of raw sprouted green grams, add raw tomato,little coriander leaves, onion pieces,salt, pepper.
One more new taste of food.
4. Take bowl full of raw sprouted green grams, add coconut, pepper, salt and lemon essence.
Another Variety  

" You can add vegetable pieces like carrot, cabbage and beet root into the above said any one item"

Delicious Drink

1. Soak 10 pieces of Badam/almonds into water for three hours.
2. Peel it.
3. Soak 30 grams of dry grapes/kiss-mis fruits into water for three hours.
4. Add little butter also.
5. Grind well all the above said items using mixi.

"Now healthy and delicious drink is ready"

Are Tempted Now!!!!

To avoid scalp itching

Take 25 ml of neem seed oil into a vessel.
Add  10 gram of table salt.
Mix it well.
Apply to the scalp.
Do very gentle massage.
Leave it for half an hour.
Take hair wash.

"Itching scalp problem also will be washed away"

To get rid of gastritis and digestion problem

To get rid of gastritis and digestion problem.

Avoid tamarind instead tomato can be used.
Avoid green and red chillies instead pepper and ginger can be used. 
Advices to use only ghee or sesame/gingelly oil should be used.

"Completely avoid ground nut and other edible oils."

Miraculous Effects of Laughing Therapy

--> -->
A simple technique for stress free life
We all know that laughter is the best and ultimate medicine to prevent and cure for any disease.
But still there is an easy and effective way to laugh.
When to laugh and how to laugh. I am sure you all will be curious to know..
Morning while you get up from the bed without any reason and meaning loudly laugh / smile continuously for 5-10 minutes.
It Works miraculously!
One day if you do - feel fresh throughout the day. Two days if you do - feel brisk and happy. Three days if you do - face will be glowing. Three days if you do - you feel light weight both physically and mentally. Four days if you do – your face will turn to more beautiful. …
If you continue for more than 45 days completely you become different personality with the positive perspective.
More and more if you do continuously countless and tremendous benefits you will attain.
This technique is especially very much useful to change short tempered personalities…

Effective Medicine And Cure For Diarrhea

Take 5 gram of turmeric powder...
          Add more honey into it....
                  Mix it well...
"Eat this paste twice in a day"

Effective Medicine And Cure For Cough

Take 5 gram of quick lime.....Mix well with 25 ml of water ..Leave it for 10 minutes...Solid lime particles will be deposited at the bottom of the vessel..Now take out the water except the deposited particles at the bottom...Add, 5gram of pepper powder into the filtered lime water.Boil it well...                               "Drink twice in a day"

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To improve the immunity power

To improve the immunity power and stamina

Take 1 Amla (big one) cut into pieces ..
          Add, little  water probably 100ml.
                  Grind it well
                         Add honey as much you want
                                 Drink twice in a day

Relief for Fatigue - tiredness

Home remedy for Fatigues 

Take 100 gram pine apple pieces ..
       take 50 gram of coconut pieces.
           Add, little  water probably 100ml.
                  Grind it well
                         Add honey as much you want
                                 Drink twice in a day

To Strengthen the Kidney

For proper functioning of kidney

Take 100 gram cabbage..
         Add, little  water probably 50ml of water.
                  Grind it well
                         Add honey as much you want
                                 Drink twice in a day

Home medicine for High Blood Pressure

Home medicine for High Blood Pressure

To reduce High BP : 

Take some pieces of garlic smash it(make a paste adding salt to it) and have it daily in empty stomach

Relief for Rheumatoid arthritis / joint pains

To improve the rheumatoid factor is an immunoglobulin in a blood stream. Which helps for strong bones. To improve this factor / relive from Rheumatoid arthritis / joint pain. Add ladies finger soup more into food.Or Boiled/fried ladies finger.

For Stress relief

For Stress free life

1. Have little honey every day and you will be in cheerful mood.
2. Take bath in the river/falls whenever you are free.

To improve the hemoglobin level and Bone Marrow

 To improve the hemoglobin level and Bone Marrow

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

So try to give a light physic work/ exercise to all the joints of body from head to toe. Doing this on regular basis will give a miraculous results.
What are you still waiting for????? 
Go ahead with your daily excercise and stay healthy!!!

For proper Blood Seceretion

To avoid anemic 

          three pieces of dry fig fruit,                   3 pieces of date fruits,                         25 pieces of dry grapes/ kiss-mis fruits                                                         into water.

Grind Well using mixi. Drink this healthy juice early morning in the empty stomach for more blood secretion.

Energy Drink - Energy Booster

For gaining an instance energy Take 5 to10 small onions..
       Peel it.
           Add, little  water probably 10ml of water.
                  Grind it well
                         Add honey as much you want
                                 Drink twice in a day

"Definitely you will feel energetic and enthusiastic"

Muscle Sprain and Pain - Home Remedy

Take a little coconut oil in a pan..
         Heat it for a while ...
                Add 1 or 2  camphor into it...
                             Stir it  for few minutes....
                                          Apply it on the affected area...
                                                          Do a gentle Massage...

" Surely pain will be relieved within a short period"