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August 22, 2011

Home remedy to Avoid Pimples

The cause for pimple is deposited waste materials more into intestines...This in turn leads to constipation... Small and Large Intestine should be kept clean to avoid pimples.

Treatment for pimples should not be treated externally. Should be  treated internally for permanent cure. 

How to keep it clean?
1. Add as much as possible  black grapes into daily life.
2. Once in 3 months  enema/ takes pills for diarrhea to cleanse the intestine.
3. Take  Kadukkai (in Tamil)/Harra (In Hindi)/
Haritaki (in Sanskrit )/ Ink-nut (Common Name)
powder in US powder with honey on regular basis for a week in empty stomach in the early morning.
4. Take black grape juice without sugar along with little butter on regular basis early in the morning... Doing this on regular basis intestines will be kept clean and rejuvenated...Once intestines are energetic pimples disappears easily.

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