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July 26, 2011

Weight Reduction

To strengthen your immune system, increase your briskness, prevent diseases
and to reduce weight do the following:

The reason for more Weight is deposition of more toxins into the body.

The following two facts if any one follows can reduce weight easily:
Easily Weight can be reduced, once in a month pills for diarrhea  is taken to keep the intestines clean and fresh.

Chew the food to the core finer molecule level.

1. For three days in a month - Take only fresh juices without sugar. If you
want some sweetness you can add honey. Please be beware that most of the
brands of honey come with wax and preservatives. So try to use natural honey. If
not possible, use jaggery.

2. In a week avoid one meal.

3. Eat only when you feel hungry.

4. Add lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and dry nuts instead of junk food and fried items.
5. Completely avoid citrus based fruits like Orange, Lemon, Moshambi  etc.

6. Avoid Tamarind completely instead Tomato can be added more.

Please refer the article in the July Month - "For Long Life" for more tips for weight  reduction. 

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  1. Need few more tips to reduce weight soon..


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