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July 26, 2011

Types of Treatments

Types of Treatments
1. Aroma Therapy
2. Music Therapy -- Kafi
Raga, Darbari Raga, Raga
Malkauns, Raga Asawari ,
Ahir Bhairav, Chandra Kauns
3. Pranic Healing
4. Allopathy
5. Homeopathy
6. Ayurveda
7. Siddha
8. Naturopathy
9. Acupuncture
10. Yunani Treatment
11. Magnetic Therapy
12. Electro Signal Therapy
13. Yoga and Meditation
14. Anatomic Therapy
15. Vedic Therapy
16. Mantra Therapy
17. Homa Therapy
18. Psycho-Physical Therapy
19. Acu Touch
20. Acu Pressure
21. Varma
22. Massage Therapy
23. Metal Ash Therapy
24. Praanayamam
25. Mudras etc.,

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